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milanesa cut

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this is presliced top round....i tried faking fajiyas w/ it & not bad... but i thinkit would be a perfectcut for thinbrisket. asdutch was abutcher &i got an arm fulla babygirl... maybe someone has other recipes or info/ideas for this cut. i do knowi pinned all 6 cuts together & marinated them welll for 2-3hrs @ 185-200... was tender & tasty... i'll get pics up when i get both hands free.
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Sorry hon I have no idea what to do with that. I though it was a breaded beef steak kind of like a skinny chicken fried steak? I think I'm on the wrong railroad.
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sorry about the typing- my hands were full & the space bar is dying... anyway it's a thin cut & i pinned all the slices together & flipped & rotated them - it was good but as far as jerky- i think it would be a good cut. i'll have to post pics when i do it...it's still got to cool off a bit to cold smoke things & make the cervesa & vino or cheese or salami/venison summer sausage....
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p.s. debi- you were right on minus the breading- about 10-12" long -4-6" wide & thin like bacon....maybe 1/16"- worthless & prolly a mistake cut but i found a use for it.
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Maybe you could roll it and stuff it like a beef roll?
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