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my best brisket yet!

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i smoked it in a foil pan till it reached 170*, put lid on pan and finished it to 194*.........this is my new favorite number!
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jack, that looks great! REAL GREAT!!
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great PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif pics....
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Good looking smoke! I'm hungry again!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks real yummy Jack!! How big was it and how long did she take?
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It's great when it comes together like that! Good job!
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thirteen pounds...smoked for eight or so hours,then covered it for the rest of the time....i think about fourteen or so hours total
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NICE smoke ring dude

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Jack I hate you.... after looking at your brisket I think I'm going to clean out the frige. Did you paint that smoke ring on there, and then spay water on it to make it look that juicey?? LOL. All kidding asideJack, that has got to be one of the best looking brisket I've seen. Great job.
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Very nice smoke ring, yummy looking brisket and ABT's!
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Ya got me salivatin' Jack! Nice job! Great pix also! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice smoke... Looks Gooood..
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Mighty fine job there Jack - beautiful smoke rings and it looks nice and juicey!
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Damn boy, that's a FINE lookin brisket!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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im flattered, thank you all for your kind words, i get the paint at the depot, its called.......smoke ring pink! but honestley, this was my best brisket yet, ive only done about 25 total, so it will only get better. next time i am doing the smokie-okie method.......anything special i need to know? oh yeah, i havent even been using a water pan recently and im getting the best smoke rings ive ever had!
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What are you using if not a water pan? I was thik of using a 13 -14 inch terracotta pan. I have heard of the sand trick, but I had temp problems with that method. I may have used too much sand, I dunno.
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Jack, just read up on the method. See the pics. Sear it top, bottom, and all sides. Put it in the foil pan uncovered for two hrs, flip smoke for another hour, flip - cover pan in foil cook until temp is approx 190º and the brisket has a nice jiggle (insert your imagination here)

Try to use mesquite for the searing part. Have a large amount of black pepper ready to cover the meat prior to searing. Enjoy the brisket when done. Bring pics back to show us how it went!

Here's a link to external site, other info available here at SMF along with pics...

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LMAO PigCicles...........

what a kewl round about way to get to smokie okie's recipe posted there.......heheh

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I have no affiliation with recipezaar. That link has been posted before. I only repeat the link.
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i appreciate that.........in fact........i was just comenting on how KEWL it was his method is on another site..........


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