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Good eats tonight

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Was rumaging around the freezer the other day and decided to free up some space. Found a couple packages of Beef ribs and decided to make use of them. Made up my first batch of Jeff's rub and applied generously to both sides last night. Not the best example of ribs but what the heck for $.80/lb

Mid morning the ribs hit the smoker. Used my typ mix of Cherry and Apple. Part way through the smoke I tossed in a little misquite to add some additional tang.

For dinner, it was ribs, home grown Brandywine tomatoes and fresh sweet corn. Damn good eats if I do say so myself. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Wife gave me the OK to use Jeff's rub again. biggrin.gif
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Now I have to admit those are some great looking ribs! I think I may have to try some more beef ribs .... my last effort on the beef wasn't too good ... let them smoke too long. Hope mine look as good as yours.
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Those look great!!!
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80 cents a pound? Good Lord! They do look good no matter! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the nice comments.

Local store has them for about this price a lot of the time. All the meatier portions have been cut off for hamburger. Still some good eating on the cheap.
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wow- great looking smoke. you sound like my brother "rummaging"- this guy can find dirty jeans not seen for a month & find a "franklin" in a pocket.... my prollem is i always know whats in the freezer & the wallet & 1 turns to the other & smokin' we a go....
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Thanks gypsy. Momma says there is a pork shoulder in the freezer. When I look into the ole crystal ball, I can see that shoulder in the smoker in a few days.

Gotta make some room as we have a side of beef going in the freezer in a few weeks.
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Great lookin' ribs Webfoot! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now that is an appetizing picture, make me want to pickup some beef ribs and start a smokin'.
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I got some of those beef ribs for $1/lb at half price here locally. I'm going to smoke them Saturday night or Sunday late morning. I hope they turn out ok. I"ve never done these and they're huge!!!
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