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London Broil

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Last week top round london briol was on sale, so I got six int the 3.5lb range. Any suggestions on how to smoke them? I don't think they'll take as long as a brisket, any thoughts?
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Any opinions?
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Hey FlaGriller I just did a top round roast, about a 5 to 6 pounder, yesterday for the first time. Rubbed it down with Jeff's rub the day before. I also quartered about 6 garlic cloves an tucked them into the pocket where I had cut some hard fat out. Then I tied it with string to keep the garlic in. Smoked @ 225 until it hit 170, then I spritzed, foiled and put back in until it reached 195. An hour wrapped in the ice chest and then I pulled it. Put in the firdge cause we ate steaks last night but I just went home and heated up a bowl to mix with BBQ sauce and ate two sammies. Yum! The garlic flavor is still prvelant even after I added BBQ sauce.
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Old post but I am thinking of doing one tomorrow. Anymore suggestions as to smoking a London Broil?
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