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Best way to reheat ribs

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Here is my situation yall I need some advice on. I decided to smoke some ribs for tailgating this weekend. The game is on Saturday. I will not have my smoker at the game, so I was going to smoke the ribs Friday afternoon and bring them to the game on Saturday. There will be a pit there that I can use to heat the ribs up. Do you think the ribs will hold up good enough for that one day before we eat them? And what would be the best way to reheat the ribs at the game?

Thanks again.
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good question nick

i would like to know that also........i have some left over in the fridge....

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IMHO, best way to heat anything up is back on a smoker.

I did some last weekend and the weekend before that. First was on my smoker, added some aj/worchest and a tad bit of Jeff's rub and they came out great. Next was on a camp fire, no aj, just oj in foil on fire and they were also very good.

Foil or no foil, make sure they don't dry out and just get hot enough to eat. Add a tad of rub if you want, no salt. Or add bbq sauce, bet that would be good. At home just nuke them and they'll be fine.
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Well, having done this at home, it's not too bad. Doing it on the road's a little tougher, I imagine.

If properly heated, the ribs will be awesome, don't worry. I reheat mine at home (depending on time constraints), either in the nuker device, or wrap them in foil and warm them in the oven (this is the best way I've found). When you put these puppies in the fridge after the initial cook, the fat and juices coagulate, and hang in there until they are reheated. You just want to get them warmed up enough so that they are not cooking again.
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I have never re-heated a rib in my life. Ribs, like fried chicken, are wonderful picnic food, almost as good served cold.
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