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Fat side up or down?

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I have heard differing opinions about whether to smoke a pork shoulder with the fat side up or down. I have heard to place the fat side up so the juices of the fat will moisten the meat. Then, I have heard to place the fat side down to protect the meat incase there is a temp. spike. Just curious to what people's opinion is on this subject.

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My personal choice is to leave it down. I find that fat side up or flipping the butt interferes with the development of the bark. Just my $0.02.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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HERE WE GO!!! Let the battle begin! PDT_Armataz_01_41.gificon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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matter of preference is all....meowey has a good point of bark developement, others will flip the fat side during the cook..... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Your choice. Many like the fat side up saying that it provides moisture for the meat. Others like fat side down so that they don't eliminate the bark when they take away the fat. I do fat side down because I love the bark, but it is a roll you own on this one. Do whichever you like and you will still have excellent results.
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I say fat side down, as mentioned before, because of the bark. I believe that the "fat adds moisture" thing is a myth.

But I have done them both ways, and I have even been known to eat a good chunk of the fat if my wife is not looking!
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I don't think it really matters,another reason i had herd for fat down was ,any fat in the meat will break down and sit on top of the fat cap and stay in the meat. half donzen of 1 6 of the other
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I use to always do fat cap up, cause I was taught that way. I too noticed better bark when fat cap is down though. Sometimes after the wrap, I will flip it for a while and go fat cap up. But you gotta love that bark.
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Fat down for me for pretty much the same reasons as already stated.
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thanks guys, I learned something today. I always have had the fat up but now it will go down. I'd rather have good bark. Terry
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Maybe it is time for a fat sideways cook.........PDT_Armataz_01_04.gificon_eek.gif
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I've done it both ways and couldn't tell the difference in taste... butt I usually smoke it fat side down for reasons previously stated.
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From the rookie's perspective...

From the rookie's perspective, who just did one this weekend, I'd say if you are going to wrap it and pull it, I can't see that it matters from the juice perspective. When mine came off, I drained all of the juice into a quart jar (to separate the fat). I cooked it fat side down, just to keep the meat side from getting over cooked (whether that would have been an issue or not...remember...rookie). With that much juice, I can't see that the melted fat would have tenderized it any more.

My 0.02 USD,
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Im a flipper. I flip mine about every 2 hours or so. Gives me a chance to take a peek at it too.
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Personal choice. My opinion is that, since my heat source is below the meat, I put fat down on everything and no flipp'n. I also think that since I'm smoke'n above the boil'n point that it will "perculate" up through the meat.

To each their own. Bark is a strong point, besides.....your gonna cut the fat off anyway......right?

Probably won't make a dimes worth of difference, but try both to see how you like it.
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Thanks for all the help yall. I will do it fat side down and see how it comes out.
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I'm a NEWBIE! Bark Question

I am assuming Bark is the crust around the brisket, etc. I have only used my smoker (Great Ourdoors) twice. Both times put fat up. I was worried that if I put fat down, the upside of the brisket would dry out.

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I'm a flipper too!
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I also flip.....PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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I learned somthin too. I learned to do butt before I found SMF & the BBQ bible said do it far side upicon_redface.gif now I see most here do butts fat side down. now I got something new to try .... again. Thanks allicon_lol.gif
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