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Venison Loins - any suggestions?

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Hi folks,

I have some tenderloins that I plan on smoking this week, just got my new MECO electric, and wanted to run my plans by you all to see if you had any suggestions - this is my first smoke by the way so I'm trying to keep it simple...

Anyway, I was planning on marinating them overnight in an onion/mustard salad dressing that I love on venison, and smoking until they reach an internal of 145 for medium rare; does that sound good? I want to thin slice them afterwards.

Would you all recommend basting/mopping or foil wrapping to keep it more juicy? I don't want to add bacon or any other fat - I like venison because its lean. I'd appreciate any other suggestions, thanks for the expertise,

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Looks like you got it covered to me. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Rub with EVOO first, then your schtuff...will help moisture and adds no cholesterol... mono-saturated fat is good fer ya! {)
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Well, a tenderloin is just that. Its already tender. I usually marinade them then on the grill they go. Rarely would I put one on the smoker. Maybe wrap it in bacon, and take it to 135* internal, then pull it. No real reason to wrap it in foil either.
A loin would be another story.
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Rich thats a good tip on the EVOO, makes sense, and yeah I do need some more good fats in my diet...

Flash, I usually grill mine too, but I really want to try this smoker out. And it is a loin/backstrap that I am using, not a tenderloin (although I often use the terms interchangeably to refer to the backstrap; we call the tenderloins 'fish loins' or inside tenderloins) sorry for the miscommunication...

Thanks for the help!

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