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Final touches... door seals, stack, etc. End of the month..or before, as Bro's birthday is the 24th...heh!
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can't help but notice, you're useing a Canadian beer keg , eh :-)
was the American beer too weak lololololPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

btw rich, when I cut mine up, I found it went just fine with a 4 inch cutting disk on a handheld grinder
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Heh... yep..Labatt keg. Went over the border in 2002 the day of a Wings Avs game-was having a little get together that night. In a dang snowstorm. Got SCREWED on the duty too...some fool newbie Customs dude says "Oh they hold like 12 cases..." Whaddia gonna do... I tried math...he wasn't getting it. Ya don't argue with those guys. FYI... 6.8 cases in a keg.

Never got around to taking it back... sooo...
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Someone once told me, "you can't win a battle of wits with an unarmed man".
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Jesus Rich, if a little is good... You could fit a whole cow in that thing, you must be planing some big parties! Just out of curiosity, how many 12 pound briskets do you think it would hold? Are you going professional on us?
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Maybe Semi-pro... Can't justify going "whole hawg" as it were in these rather depressed times here in MI. My bro and family are camping freaks tho..and he has a couple campground gigs lined up, and a big party for a road racing club.

Hmm 3 on a rack- probably 18 12 Lb'ers and 10 Lbs of ABT's Oh and a couple fatties. And a rack of spares for snacking on. And a couple butts... 'cause I love my pulled pork. And 1 garlic flower.
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I glad you could squeeze that garlic in there.
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I love it

somebody talking my kinda shop talk PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
very well said, my friend. but, what you are discribing here is and alloy called 316 stainless steel.

316 is never used in food products it is always 304 or 18/8 is another way to say it, the nickel in 304 is in the 8% range and the crome is 18% more or less. there is no Moly . anything used in food or restaurants will be either 304 or 410, the easiest way to tell the difference is 304 is not magnetic, and 410 is,so just try a frig magnet on it

very often I have seen pots and pans marked on the bottom as being 18-8 stainless and after touching it with a magnet I've seen it's not. always keep a little frig magnet with you when shopping for stainless pots if it says 18/8 and sticks with a magnet, it's not smile.gif
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So you get that bad boy done yet? and if so wheres the q-view?.........That looks like one heck of a rig..............Can't wait to see the thing in action..............
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Door gaskets are now installed. Will most likely be doing a cleaning/seasoning run next weekend :{) WHEE.. what a project. Being that is's stored at Bro's, it has limited my ability to work on it. But it WILL be up and smoking soon!
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That is one nice project Rich, you've earned braggin' rights for sure!
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That is if he ever actually smokes something in it. icon_evil.gificon_evil.gif
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Still waiting to see it smoke. Hurry up would ya, I don't have all year.


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I'm saving some points for ya Rich...but I ain't givin' 'em until I see some "action shots" and q-view!
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I assure you...no one is more geeked to get this sommagun going. Believe me. Will be spending time this weekend on it, hopefully setting up temp controls and seasoning it. All the racks and holders need wire brushing first as well. Crap...what a freakin' project.
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I managed to miss this thread till now. Wowza! That thing is huge! Nice work.
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<blush> Gee thanks Q

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Hey Rich, any updates?
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Just caught up on this thread. VERY IMPRESSIVEPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thats a great smoker man. when you gonna put a pig in there?
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