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Rich, why are you putting a burner in the smoking box?
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Additional heat/heat control. It will be digitally controlled to maintain a temp regardless of the state of the firebox. I'll be able to do "low and slow" without the smoke if I want and as much as I want and still maintain temp., or have one HECK of a jerky dryer!
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Lookin' good Rich. I'd like to experiment with a propane burner on mine....but then I say out loud "experiment with propane burner" and realize I don't have enough medical insurance.icon_biggrin.gif
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Addmittedly, that thought HAD crossed my mind. Wife mentioned I'm worth alot more dead ...LOL

Hated to disappoint her, but yanno... I want to FINISH this dang thing! On my way up to Bro's in a few to get the stuff in and get 'er up on the trailer- be Rollin' and Smokin'!
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Check all your insurance policies ... before you fire up that beast ....icon_razz.gif
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Heh...if you see chunks of stainless raining down on ya Squeeze... crack a beer and gimmie a toast..as I WILL be at that point LOL!
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Holy smokes Richtee, that's awesome!
Can't wait to see it finished!
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Installed smoker box heater today, and smoke inlet tube. 4" stainless. Also welded in mounting hardware for fire starter in keg firebox. Gettin' close, folks.

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Sweet lookin' beast! You a Tig welder?
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That's my bro's job AKA Marktee... body guy/fabricator from way back.
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Damit man, your firebox is bigger then my smoker!!! That is one nice smoker, can't wait to see the smoke. Take alot of pics and I'll find my bib.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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lets bump this rich..........is it finished?

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Rich you call that little thing beast? Just kidding, are smoking for prisons now?

Yea is it finished yet?
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yeah i was wondering that myself.......i have done TWO stints in the joint.....owi's.......one reason i can't drive till 2010.....hehe......but NEVER had smoked food......crap......missed out AGAIN........i won't EVEN go into horror story's of what the food was like.........

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Funny you should mention it... just got this pict from the Bro, Marktee. His li'l Ford that could dropped it on the trailer about 20 min. ago... WHEEE!

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OMG! That thing's ginourmas!
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man i can't wait to see that puppy in action

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Ho-Lee-Crap Richtee!!! I could park my damn truck in that thing! WOOHOO! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Oh PUHLEEEZE, Hawg, barely the cab. But then again, just think of the money you'd save on those li'l air freshener thingies!
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What's yer plan Rich....when's that thing gonna be done? Sleep is for sissies ya' know.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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