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"The Beast"

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Will add pix as construction continues...

PS- Dat's my bro.. :{)

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10 shelves! Holy smokers! That'd be fun to fill up! Talk about a smokers high! Golly gee that's a big smoker!
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Well, we got alotta big butts here in MI PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif

Actually 12 shelves...but I gotta feeling the bottom 2 are gonna be tuning plates of sorts... thinking on a dual manifold inlet of stainless piping as well...still engineering...hehehe
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Great mother of pearl! That's no backyard smoker!
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Dang, a walk-in smoker! That thing's HUGE!! eek.gif
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Well, if you happen to be under 50" I guess ya could walk inif the expanded metal shelves are not in there... It's gonna be trailer mounted as well. No, t's not a "backyard" model, but then again, I suppose it depends on the size of your yard..heh. Should be fairly efficient to run, as it's a hybrid with propane heat in the box.

There's gonna be a bit of fine tuning I figger, but what I want is as close to a 4 hour or so smoke unattended. Ribs would be just about "set-an-forget" with the exception of a mop or two, and probably rotating the top couple and bottom couple trays before the mop.

Will probably install a water tray above the propane heater <dead-nuts in the center channel> and as I mentioned elsewhere, I figger the bottom 2 tray locations will end up tuning plates...

But who knows- YET! That's the fun part!
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Couple better shots

Me an' the Beast

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Just found this thread ... so easy to miss things here!

Looking forward to seeing your progress ... looks great so far! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow is right....mighty fine looking craftsmenship there Ritchee.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Would love to see that big boy one day!!!
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So uhhh... when is the christening party?PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Most impressive work Richtee! I can't wait to see the finished product.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Having the fire box <A Labatt keg> cut this week, I hope. Then it's plumb it in and start seasoning. I'm hoping to be using it by month's end. Here's a rough sketch of the firebox. Not shown are the S. steel rods I want inside for a "perma-grate".
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Update: Firebox

Yeesh..stainless is like armor! Cut with a 4" hi-RPM diamond blade wheel cutter Arduous to say the least. About 1.5hours all told for the loading and ashing door holes...but they DONE! Like my cooling water delivery system hanging from the rafters there? LOL!
<Click on 'em for full size...>

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I thought you had hams hanging in the ceiling! Those kegs are tough buggers! Good for all sorts of things - including brewing beer BTW ... icon_razz.gif
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Holy smoker Batman! Amazing! I want to see some pics when you fill it!PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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It's caused by the alloying elements of the stainless steel, y'all!...

Typically 16.5% - 19.5%. Used to impart stain and corrosion resistance to the alloy.

The chromium carbides created in the alloying process are VERY hard, and difficult to cut with less than the harder of the abrasive materials.

Typically 10.5% - 13.0%. Used to impart stain and corrosion resistance to the alloy. Provides even greater stain and corrosion resistance when alloyed in conjunction with chromium.

The nickel in the alloy causes it to have a pronounced 'stickiness' in the cut, creating a tendency for the cutting tool to be 'dragged' into, or 'thrown' from the cut.

Typically 2.5% - 3.0%. Used to impart abrasion resistance and impact strength (toughness) to the alloy.

The abrasion resistance imparted to the alloy by the inclusion of a small percentage of molybdenum will cause the cutting tool, or abrasive, to have a tendency to 'skate on the surface' rather than bite into and cut the alloy.

Thought y'all might wanna know!...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Until later...
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Firebox construction nearing completion

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Hay Rich, Its a bit late now and you did a great job. I've cut up a bunch of kegs to build brewhouses, a die grinder works as you know but if you have access to one there is nothing that works better than a plasma cutter. You can go through 440 stainless as fast as you can draw the cut with a Sharpy marker!
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Had one. Blew every breaker we had. Heh. 60A 220V. Christ, it's a freakin' controlled lightning bolt! Soo...hadda go with the wheel.

PS...you have email
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Waiting for finished pics of the "Beast". Better yet ... The Q-View. Good job .. you've done well. Great project. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Update : Burner

Burner for inside the smoking chamber. Oh and the extra parts left after the furnace burner was modded to suit the Beast.. heh

Closer shot showing regulator modded for propane, and gas distribution tube

The firebox burner is going to be just black pipe with hack saw cut orifices along it's length facing downward so as to not collect ash.

You can view entire album here http://www.putfile.com/richtee/images/143126
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