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You can get one of these and monitor smoker temp and meat temp, if you use one probe to monitor the smoker, stick that probe through a potato or a cork so it doesn't touch the grate
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I stand edumicated! Thanks
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Welcome Pennygril -

Nice to have another female here! There's not many of us but the guys are a sweeties so not to worry! You won't find a friendlier or more helpful group anywhere.

Definately get a good meat thermometer most here like the newfangled digital ones. Maveric I belive is the favorite. Personally I like the dila types best but I'm in the minority (in more ways than one). You'll also want to calibrate it by putting it in boiling water - i should read 212 degrees at sea level.

Look at Jeff's How To Smoke Meat PDF it's also free and full of great information to get you going


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