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Baby back ribs

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First smoke of my new Brinkman SNP with mods. Wife and I came across a vendor called Garlic Gourmay at the Evergreen State Fair yesterday. Picked up some interesting tasting seasonings (Killer Cajun & Jamican Jerk). So I rubbed a slab of ribs down with the Killer Cajun and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

Smoke time: 6h 45m
Avg chamber temp: 200F
Rib temp at pull: 163F (wrapped in foil and let sit for 15m)
Wood: Mesquite then apple

At the flip & almost done. Threw the fatty on a bit late so it is still going. :

Done and cut up. Family got a few pieces before I snapped the pics.:

Family loved them. The Killer Cajun seasoning is a bit spicy for my taste.

Next up: Smoked turkey.
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Ribs look wonderful, but please explain to me what I am seeing. Are those pieces of wood on wire?
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Yes those are small pieces of mesquite wood on the wire. I drill holes through small chunks of wood to hold the thermometer probes off the wires. I am still trying to even out the chamber temps. Getting about a 10 degree diff from mid-chamber to stack end.
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Hmmm. not a bad idea. Does it seem to work well for you?
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And I can't tell from the pic, do you have tuning plates in there?
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Seems to work fine so far.

No tuning plates yet. Flipped the drip tray and raised to the top position. Need to put in a damper(?) and move the stack down to move heat better.
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Looks great ISO - fine job ya did! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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great pics i have 2 snp's - i'd add(foil wrapped left end ) tuning plate, a water pan, & a foil baffle- see my mods- gets 225-210 across the pit- 230 on the warm rack... just some help from another snp owner- btw- w/ the water pan expect to use twice the fuel but consistent heat throughout the pit- here's pics.
btw- i have the 2 pits set up in 2 totally different ways- but same temps w/ the baffle & water pan.
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Gotta try the hole drilled in the chunk 'o wood thing! Cool idea!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I like the wood chunck idea also,
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corks on therm

I like the way you put you therm thru the corks and use them to keep them up off the grill
Good luck and Good Smoking
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Great looking ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif What did you used as a rub or BBQ sauce.

I use a piece of 2x4 about 2" wide with a hole drilled in it to keep the probe off the grates..
Any wood should work fine.. I leave the end of the probe exposed so the heat picked up or insulated by the wood does not effect the true reading.
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