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Originally Posted by Terry Colwell View Post



Very cool Terry! How many birds do you have?

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Originally Posted by Terry Colwell View Post




You are way cooler than me Sir 2thumbs.gif


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SolarYellow,, That was the last years bird. I had her for two years, she ended up breaking her leg real bad this year and had to be put down. I have no birds right now,, waiting till it gets cooler to start again...


LOL ECTO1,,, I dont know if it makes me cool,,, but it sure is a hell of alot of fun...

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Yep that's me. hehehe Better late to the thread then to never arrive.

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Forgot to add a pic when I posted here a while back. This is me on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD




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Keep em coming folks, can't be uglier than me! 

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I'm on page 27.

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Shoe Lake (14).jpg

Shoe Lake Manitoba June 2011


edit: found a picture that wasn't so blurry.

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The only pics I have of me smoke related are with a couple doobies.


Doobie Brothers, I mean!


Scott with Pat Simmons.


Scott with Pat Simmons.jpg


Scott with John McFee.


Scott with John McFee.jpg

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ok guys i'm late on this thread but I will post also this is me and my beautiful wife and my baby girl on her first birthday!!


aylas birthday 9-10-11 184.JPG

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Chili Cookin


This is me in the middle getting ready for chili turn in, our team name is Government Issue.  The other two boneheads are my BIL's


I was in the Marine Corps and BIL on Right is Maj in the Army

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How did I miss this thread??


Here's me enjoying some Amstell and watto on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea in Marbella, Spain. Ahh, another Air National Guard deployment...



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Alright fellas, lock up the wives 'fore they all come chasin' after this handsome guy! Lol, just kiddin. 


Home pictures 077.jpg


My babies and I at Easter dinner this year. My daughter (4) and my son (5).

Home pictures 072.jpg

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      O.K., here we go,I just don't like shaving around Christmas,it kinda grows fastericon_exclaim.gif

this is me under all this fur! 001.JPG


Don't know why I want to go further North toobiggrin.gif, and I hate cold.....

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Too many, cant walk, cant stand.



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Wow don't know what brought this old post up again but I enjoyed going back threw it all.

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How bout it

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