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Here's me with a King salmon I caught in Michigan recently.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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Here is a pic of me Brett, My Daughter, My wife, and my Son in front of a waterfall in Ontario ,Canada.

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Just Me

This is me in my most recent picture . All 54 years of me !

And this is my son with the State Champion rebuilt John Deere from 2006 . He is the 1st on left in front . Picture came from the Dallas Morning News .

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Hope you guys are ready for this. My wife looks good, so that will help balance out the ugly.

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Just found this thread so I thought I'd jump on. 2 pics - one from a summer job at a local Dirt Track, the other with the wife having a dinner in Cozumel. (I dont have any bbq pics - apparently no one wants to hang out with me when I'm smoking!!!)

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A picture of me.

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My Wife and I at the P.A. Grand Canyon

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July 2007 Most Recent
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me with a look of ummmmm.....joy...yeah thats it. last christmas when my brother-in-law got me a cardigan sweater

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Finally found a picture where I didn't break the camera.


Left to right; Bearcarver, Daughter-in-law, Son, and Mrs. Bear.






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Oh this is sooo awesome! I have spent a good long time going through this whole thread checking out the pics! It sure is nice to put a face to the posts. This is the only one I have right now, it's what I just put on my avatar, but maybe it's bigger so you can see the Squirrel doing a little mountain climbing in NC. That was a steep ledge I was standing on!



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Squirrell..... watch that first step! It looks like a doozy!


On with the show! Picture of me and the family, took the kids to Disneyland first time ever this summer.... and just remember, the camera adds 10 lbs. ...... or was that the BBQ! lol


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Bump this to get more peeps to "Show Themselves"



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O.K. here goes, a few pics. Don't have a good one of me and the wife that she will let me post. Of course she thinks every picture of her ever taken is lousy.



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Here's my fat head.




Wifey and I



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With daughter, now 14.

With daughter (now 14)

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This the only one I have handy.


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Little guy Madden (MadMan), Vacation 2009 at Camden Yards in Baltimore (before baby) Jake, Marlie, Lori, McKinley.  All 5 of us have birthdays on the 13th, thus the Lucky13 moniker Mad Man at State 10.jpgIMG_1000.JPG

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That's amazing. And today is Friday the 13th. Have a great day.

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alelover - I know, my favorite day!    Have a pint or 10 tonight in honor of the 13th!!

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