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Me using the outhouse at my house during a Raiders game.

I'm the one in the shorts, no hat.
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I work on and off some summer's as a fly-fishing guide in Alaska. This was small King salmon I caught the last day of the season, last summer.

Me, sportin' a kilt at St. Pat's this Spring:

Me and the wife at an Iowa State tailgate this past Fall:
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Fun! I forgot about this thread...here goes.

Me and the Mrs. at Summer Camp Music Festival 2009, back stage at Willie Nelson smile.gif

My new rig...that's my biggest cooler there (40 Qt. Coleman) so you can get some perspective:

Doin' what I do best...I'm still only about 15 months into learning smoking, been playin' guitar semi-professionally for 15 years, so I'm still learning the art of Que icon_mrgreen.gif

and finally, the family:

Thanks for checking!
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Me and my girls

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Me and most of my girls

Back Brittany and me, front Chantelle and my love Jo
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This is me with the buck I shot last year at 4 steps with my TC Omega. Got him right in the neck no need for tracking. Main frame 9 with a bunch of stickers ended up with 14 scorable points

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Picture from last year during ice fishing season
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You asked for this...................;}-

Frostyballs cook 004.JPG


Sorry,but at least Mama loves mebiggrin.gif
and the wife is stuck with me,too much investedPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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on my deck a couple weekends ago with the WSM in action, and about to get the kettle going.

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Hockeyhead goes Hunting

Dang Hockeyhead, It looks like you shot one of my relations there! If I see you coming through the woods with a gun, I guess I will make like a Hockey Player and get the Puck Outta Here!
Thomas PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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It's the fat kid

With his new found friend The Fattie
and the outdoor kitchen
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Hot Chicken

Hey BigTrain74,
That sure looks like one hot Chicken. Good thing you're wearing oven mitts! Looks like your Step Daughter likes hot chicken too.

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Here is a pic on me and Eva and our daughters Sara 14 and Elin 12
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That's me on the left. I did a couple of these. Most of them were back covers of "Signs of the Times" magazine, an industry mag for printers and sign makers.
Believe it or not, being a professional "before" picture is pretty lucrative. Infact, one of my favorite things in life is telling stuck up, attractive women "...That's nice. I get paid to look like this. What the H*ll is your excuse!?"
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Lucky you...I get too look like this for free. icon_sad.gifbiggrin.gif

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Nothing with cooking pics on this 'puter

Catching the sunset on Lake Michigan
Attachment 22398

Morning after tornado struck my bachelor party (best man's house).
Attachment 22399

Fun with fully automatic weaponry.
Attachment 22400
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Hope I don't break the Forum............

parental discreation advised!!!!!!!!LMAOicon_mrgreen.gif
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Here you go...

Thats me on the bike with the smoker trailer, Im known as Grillmaster Mitch, and right behind me is my son Junior Grillmaster Z. This was at a local bike show where I do all the cooking, this year we had 300 people to feed. Did a bunch of pulled pork and hot dogs along with a huge batch of those wicked baked beans (thanks again Dutch!)

more info on that smoker trailer... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=83093
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Me and my Grandson with a bunch of Crappie we caught on Toledo Bend.

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^^^ Crappie = yummy

Striper... also good

Family shot, my dad, two sons and me. thats my 15 yr old kid in front holding an 18# striper he caught.

Fish fry... my place... dont be late! lol
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