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This would be me on my ,then new, toy back in '07 while camping up in N. Az.

Here I am working on the paint job for my kegerator conversion...

And this would be the fruits of my labor...

Sorry, no Q pics... yet!
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Sweet lookin' paint job on that Kegerator...what flavor you got in there?

BBQ Eng.
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I installed a dual shank on it so I've got a 1/6 barrel of Sam Adam's Boston Lager & a 1/2 barrel of New Belgium 1554.
Two flavors, no waiting! biggrin.gif

OBTW, when I do my smoker build I was thinking of doing a ghost flame job on that.

If anyone is interested, this is a link to my kegerator build... KILLER KEGERATOR
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I have a tear in my eye...You may possibly be my new best friend.

We are designing a bar / theatre in our basement, and the wife asks me "so how long would a keg last?" I told her "not very long, if the neighbors find out about it!"

BBQ Eng.
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Guess it's time to jump in this thread... I don't have very many photos of myself...

Here is a self taken pic. Guess where...

Here is one just after feeding about 50 folks at one of my daughters B-Day parties.

I swear the table was clean before we started cutting the meat...
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The Pyramids at Giza???
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Heres a few pics of our clan. Our 2 children's first year dear hunt. The wife and I in San Fransisco on our way to Napa Valley.
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Here are a few pic's of some of my family. My beautiful wife Margo and daughter Holly.

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This is us!

This is a shot that was shot at this years' NKC BBQ Comp.

That's me, Aaron, in the black shirt, the misses, Shay, and my daughter, 18 month old, Ryleigh, enjoying some "leftover" Ribs from a friend of Mine's Competition team.

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Just one of ill find some more

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heres a couple of me with a couple lobsters, and mowing o' the green with my daughter last summer.

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Sweet little mini semi I found

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Me smoking my first fatty

my 2005 Whitetail in Alberta, Canada

Iqaluit. North West Territories

Honolulu, Hawaii

Gold Coast, Australia

Koh Samui, Thailand
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I see newbies out there. Bring it on!! Show yourself. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Here is a pic of me hosting a Friday night party at a BBQ contest last October. It was my first contest, and I got to take the walk for 4th place in brisket out of 49!

Here is a Pic the next morning while I am playing with some garnish boxes. I have been up for at least 35 hours, and smelled so much smoke that If you cut me open, I'd have a smoke ring!

Here I am laughing at the focus of my cattle dog Cassidy (1/2 of the cowgirl team). I am laughing, because she ain't getting my donut!

Here I am with the beautiful and talented Mrs. Engineer above the capital city of Roseau on the island of Dominica, the nature island of the Caribbean.
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Here's me....another hooby of mine.
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If only those kids knew that Santa was thinking about smoking Rudolph into jerky and sausages.
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I won a $3K Royal Jackpot on Pick'em Poker. Spent immediately on weddings, apartment security deposit, and wife's school bills.

One of said weddings...f'n tux did not fit either.

Me and the wife after I lost a Beruit tourney.

A few Bockfest photos

YES that is BUD DRY
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This is me in the cap & shades at the Georgia Great Steak Cookoff this past March. My first ever cooking competition & my partner (in green shirt) & I took 1st runner up.

Here you can see a little bit more of our grill which took 1st place for cooking rig. Inside the bull is a CG Super Pro.

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