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I am wanting to try some ABT's on my next smoke. What is a good filling? What kind of peppers are they?
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Usually jalapeno's, but you can use any you want. Stuffing is usually cream cheese but again, use your imagination,wrap with bacon and smoke for a couple hours.................good stuff

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sorry for putting this post in the wrong place. I found the side item section after I posted.
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i stuffed mine w/ green onion/chives cream cheese, but i think it needs some garlic in there too.
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So put pork in them and it's all good!
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ain't the bacon wrap pork ??PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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i use cheddar, monterry jack, pepperjack, colby, or colbyjack for a stuffing, as i hate cream cheese. sometimes i add pepperoni or diced ham. i use jalapenos. you can use any pepper you want. i got some tam milds and some banana peppers from my bro's garden yesterday i am going to use this weekend. at my local h.e.b. they have hatch new mexico peppers for $0.99/lb right now. i want some of them. they have hot and mild. anyone used them? i could have sworn i saw a thread here not too long ago about the hatch peppers.
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i found the thread about the hatch peppers. i remembered the search function. hehe getting old i guess.
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