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Old Mexico Mezquite Charcoal

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A couple weeks ago, while visiting one of the many newly opened Mercaditos in Tulsa's "little Mexico", I came across this brand of charcoal. Old Mexico Mezquite Charcoal--Carbon Vegetal.

Is anyone familiar with it?

I used it and loved it. Not much spark, long burning, big chunks. Where all the other lump I've used looks like it was made from scraps from the sawmill, this stuff is just mesquite that's cut up and burnt to ccoal. The only thing I didn't like was the $5.99 for 6.6#.

There was a phone# on the front of the bag, so I called it and when the phone was answered, it was answered "Bueno".

Ends up, it was a cell phone in Mission, Tx. and this fella didn't speak English any better than I speak Spanish, so not much was accomplished.

I finally managed to contact one of our suppliers that's located in Mission, and now I have 350# on it's way to me at a cost of $1.50/bag, add another $1.10/bag for freight, and it's still not a bad deal.

Turns out this guy goes to old Mexico and buys it, then brings it into Texas and sells it. My next step is to find the Mexican connection and buy it direct. I bet I could buy it for $.50/bag..............PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif oops, there goes that ADD again.
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Please update us on how they work out, maybe they will ship some to Michigan?
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The problem is getting it shipped. One of my company's vendors shipped it to me. The guy that sells it doesn't speak English, and I don't think he knows how to ship things.

I really can't ask my supplier to ship it on a regular basis. They just did it as a goodwill thing.
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Si Senor yo comprende
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Speaking of good will, it might be worth it for someone to show him how to ship, and we all would reap the benefits. Friendlship is a good thing, anywhere in this world.
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Si' senor. Esto demonstrada que gente en el norte de California puede estar amable tambien.

If I could find enough people that weanted it, It might be worth it to talk to my supplier and see about setting up distributorships for it. The only problem would be getting it out there for people to try.
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Interesting! Looking forward to checking it out the 25th.
We might have to get Ultramag rerouted south. rolleyes.gif
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Don't forget to bring me a couple bags of the WGC briquettes. I'm not rea; interested in the lump cuz I'm liking the stuff I've got pretty well. The briquettes sound pretty nice though.
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sounds like a road trip .. we need to introduce this man to shipping ..
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Senor, y gente del sur de California son muy amable tambien. Es una gran cosa. A.M.F. ( Adios My Friend)
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Uhhhmmm, huh...?

Count me in if this comes to fruition... I'd love to try it out.
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I'll be interested too.

I just realized it's been way to long since I took spanish in college I only got about every other word there senor!
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Cuando alguien viene de Mexico, todo de California que es Estados Unidos es el norte.wink.gif
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