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Smoking Finally!

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Well I had planned a big smoke for Saturday, then that got postponed because of a funeral.
So I planned it for this morning and just as I'm firing up the smoker the phone rings and our friend invite us to the beach for an afternoon of kayaking and lounging which we couldn;t pass up.

So 7PM and the meat is finally going in. Stage 1 is 2 butts, 2 racks of spares and a brisket flat.

Stage 2 is going to be a few meatloafs, some stuffed bell peppers, stuffed cabbages, some ABT's, hot italian turkey sausages, corn.

Stage 3 is when I crank the heat up to 325 and do a whole turkey breast. Trying out my new supply of pecan wood roo.

It's going to be a long night but my good friend Johnny Walker is going to keep me company.
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Sounds like you and Johnny have a fun night planned !!! If Johnny doesn't wear you out, keep us updated. Your first load looks delicious !!!
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Looks great Ron! Don't you just love a full smoker? I finally got done at 4:20am this morning after cleaup 6am. Gotta love it! What else would drive us like this?

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Yeah Debi, it's a obsession, that is for sure. I guess the product is good because I don't hear complaints about the time and effort.

It's time to make the macaroni salad! and refill the JW.
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Anyone know about how long for that skirt meat to cook? I haven't eaten since lunch and I'm thinking it's mighty tasty looking right about now!
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Looking great Ron. nothing like a full smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ron -

I've never smoked a skirt in fact I saw one for the first time Friday at Wal Mart. Looks an awful lot like a thin brisket flat to me. I'd go with the brisket or chuck guide lines.

BTW - I tried something new with the Smoke Vault last night. I dropped the cast iron wood pan down on top of the fire hole, left the fron open a bit and threw in a few charcoals every hour or so with the wood chunks and the taste was better then ever with just propane. Also got an average of 1.5" of smoke ring on my briskets and butts which I haven't seen with the propane before. Try it you'll love it!
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Well it's turning out to be a slow night.

Brisket has been in for over 7 hours now at 225, only a 5lb flat but I have a full smoker so maybe that why its only at 150 dgreees. Getting ready to foil it soon.

Butts are at 140 so they have a while before they get foiled.

First time doing spares and I am a bit out of my element as I alawys do back backs. They have been in for 7 hours as well and I'm only seeing minor pulling back from the bone. The backyard light is not great but I'm pretty sure they have some time left too.

Hopefully I'll be able to foil everything soon, pull the ribs and snooze for a few hours.
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last time i wore a "skirt" & drank scotch... well it was a highland games & i wasn't the biggest man in a kilt.........but ya durn sure didn't call me a nancy boy.... . oops - it sounds great....
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I just pulled my last pork shoulder, washed all the dishes and I am soon heading to off to bed.

It is looking like you are going to have a long night with a few hours of sleep here and there.

Are you still planning on 2 more loads?

Is your buddy Johnny W. left you smoking and taking a nap allready !!!?
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Yeah I have two more after this, not much choice as it's in the fridge ready to go, maybe scale it back a bit.

JW is still here although pretty soon I'm going to switch to coffee.
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still w/ ron bacardi here... about to switch to sleep....
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LOL, sleep what's that?

Brisket is foiled. At least it can sleep until it gets to 190.

Butts hit a plateau at 145.

Ribs are almost done.

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my butt is about to hit the plateau about pillow 30.... judging by wifey's look... unless i wanna sleep on said pit... ouch- manana folks....
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you are a busy guy... It all looks great...
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Did everyone go to sleep or what? Where's the pictures?
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