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Accidental Jerky

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Found a new way to make Jerky ...

About 3 weeks ago I tried the Curlys Beef bacon mix or whatever you call a prepackaged spice and cure and ground my beef to lean so it didn't make a great bacon.

What to do?

Well I had 7 lbs of these nice neat slices of beef about 2.5 iches wide and 9 inches long ... Hmmm ...

JERKY! I whipped up a quick terriaki marinade with a bit of canjun spice and dipped them in and smoked them. The BEST jerky I ever ate!

I'm making another batch today and I'll smoke it tomorrow night - sometimes mistakes are good!
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Doesn't sound like a mistake Debi, sounds like a gift from God! icon_razz.gif Terry
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Great creative smoking.
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Look at this stuff! 7.5 lbs of really great jerky for about $8!
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More Info Please

Can you give more details? Looks like something I would like to try.
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Sure - It was supposed to be Beef Bacon. A premixed spice package from Curley's Sausage -


but I ground my beef to lean (about 85% so it was to dry for bacon. I sliced it real thin and made about 7 lbs of it and had to find soumething to do with it so I mardinated it in soy sauce, and a bit of Italian salad dressing and smoked it. It makes the best jerky I ever ate!
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It was the ground beef thing that was confusing but the link clear it up, thanks.
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I just lov eit when I stubble across a new way to make something , for me it is a great big part of cooking.
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