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They are north on 59 I beleive, Have eaten alot of food from there, but never actually been there, was always take out at a friends house.

I think everyone is right about the bigger smoker, will most likely go that route, but gonna have to wait a few weeks. Got school clothes and my freakin truck took a dump on me this weekend. Have to recoup from all that. I will probably go with an electric or gas smoker due to the "babysitting" vs. time issue. You have all helped me tremendously. Thank You very much
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Good luck, and may the TBS be with you always.

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I saw something on here and all over the net, that kinda has me intrigued. This whole flower pot smoker deal has me hung up for some reason. It isnt the expense, because yesterday at lowes I could have bought an electric or charcoal smoker for about the same price that it would cost to put together one of these. I guess I just have a thing about being different and smokin meat in a flower pot??????? Hard to get much different than that.

Heres my question

Is this something that will be more hassle than it is worth?
Is it really as simple as all the internet "How-to's" make it seem?
Is the plastic body of the hot plate gonna melt in this type of enviroment?
How hard will it be to relocate the heat adjustment on the hot to the outside of the pot?
OK I could do this all day. Please let me know what all of you think.
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You should start a new thread with this one in the smoking equipment forum. I saw Alton Brown make one on his Food Network show and it looked pretty easy, but he always makes everything look easy. Why don't you make one, take some play by play pics, and give us a review.

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May just have to do that. Thanks again
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Welcome to SMF NitrousInfected!!! Be sure and look at the WSM and BDS designs. I could have saved alot of bucks if I had known about and believed in these designs from my beginning. After one or two cooks one of the above smokers is more auto-pilot than any gasser will be if time is a factor for you. Good luck in your search.
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