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Mike, give this guy a call and tell him I sent you. Maybe he'll treat me even better next time. icon_surprised.gif Name is Randy, and the number is 816-564-5021. He was great about being available even w/ my odd schedule. He is located in Lee's Summit so it's not too far from you. He has just bought a few pallets and trying to get WGC established in the KC area.

Mike, pick up a bag or two for the Oky. icon_mrgreen.gif I have just one bag of the briquettes left and after that burn in the WSM I have to try it in the BDS. I just bought the briquettes on a whim. I was actually there for the Weekend Warrior lump and have 10 bags of it still. Between WGC briquettes and lump plus my Rancher stash I have about 1000 lbs. of charcoal in the shed. This could be a sign that I have a problem. Nah, I have dedication. rolleyes.gif

If it tasted weird I sure wouldn't be braggin' it up Deb. icon_wink.gif It is made from small bits of WGC lump and a cornstarch binder. It is like the Rancher I have been using, lump in a briquette form. I am really likeing that type of charcoal for the BDS/WSM cooking. IMO, all the benefits of lump and briquettes without the disadvantages of either. I don't know the ratio of lump to binder in the WGC, but there was virtually no ash after combustion.
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That's not too much! LOL

Have you used the Wicked good Lump yet? I posted a query about it in this thread. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...?threadid=7132

Any info would be appreciated!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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It sounds like you do have a problem.....a severe shortage of grilling and smoking fuel.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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