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4th of July Birds!

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Here's a pic of the eight birds we did for the 4th up at the lake! We were using my Dad's BBQ Grillware Vertical Smoker, which is identical to mine. The top 4 were done with just some of dad's rub, the next 2 were brined with limes and lime juice and a little worchestershire added, and the bottom two were marinated overnight with buttermilk and a little salt and pepper.

They were carved and set out separately for the gang that came up to the lake, and the buttermilk chicken won hands down, with the brined chicken behind it.

I was kind of nerveous about it, because the other half of the menu was Uncle Wallace and 30#'s of his ribs smoked over pecan wood... Uncle Wallace has forgotten more about smoking, grilling, frying, and cooking in general than I know to begin with. His ribs were awesome (sorry, no pics though - the Corona intervened and kept me from documenting this properly), but I got enough compliments and pats on the back to feel good about it.

The thing I was really intrested in here was to see how packing 8 whole chickens in the Grillware smoker would turn out. The internal temp difference from the bottom 2 to the top 2 was never really more than 10 degrees off, so cooking time was pretty uniform. It definitely gets hotter up in the top of that smoker - the internal temps of the top birds were always higher than the bottom birds.

Overall a great day with fireworks, family, friends, BBQ, beer and a beautiful lake. An absolutely awesome 4th!

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Hey Devo that's an awesome display of birds. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing. Gives ya a "Gut Feeling/....???
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Happyness is a full smoker,and cold beer !icon_mrgreen.gif good lookin birds PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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That' a full smoker, that's the first I've heard of buttermilk, did you put anything else on them during the smoke
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And with three different styles to choose from you get "Freedom of Choice" to boot!
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It's actually the easiest and one of the best ways I like to do chicken. All I do is put a bird in a 2-gallon ziplock bag with about a quart of buttermilk and some salt and pepper, zip it up and let it sit overnight, and you're off to the races. When it's in the smoker, you've got to put it on the bottom though, or else the buttermilk will drip all over the stuff that's below it. I did a buttermilked boston butt one time on accident that way. eek.gif

Buttermilk is a great marinade base for poultry and any wild game - it's the best for taking the "gamey" taste out of most wild meat. Historically we use it on stuff like rabbit and squirrel. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

We had some BBQ sauce that mom whipped up on the side, but didn't mop them while they were in the smoker. When we have a whole bunch of people over to eat, I mostly like to serve the sauce on the side.
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Thanks for the info
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Well heck.................Hoope ya eat well! Darn good lookin vittles!
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