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More Fattys

I made more fattys today! The first was a JD sage stuffed with Irish cheddar rolled in the same rub as the one I did yesterday. The second one I did was Italian sausage stuffed with mozzerela, provolone, and basil and rolled in another rub I threw together as I didn't have any italian seasoning (it was mediocre at best IMO). It had brown sugar, parsley, rosemary, oregano, and some salt...I wish I had some fenel and anise. anyhow, heres some pics

left is italian and right is sage

sage closer

Italian closer

a little perspective photography trick. Look! I made the sage fatty grow!!

cut up sage

cut up italian

and both side by side

Now for the bad news...The italian sausage didn't turn out very tasty at all. I'm not sure what it was, may be the rub, maybe the smoke, maybe both. Oh well, live and learn.
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i bet if ya ziploc it in the fridge overnight & add it so something tomorrow- it'll be much tastier. like beans & sghetti sauce- needs to rest overnight in the fridge.always works fer mine.
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That may work, I think the wood I used was too much for the Italian sausage. I used some Jack Daniels oak barrel chips but they came off a little strong. It worked great on the sage sausage though. I've got ideas for breakfast tomorrow.
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buena- i just use the cheap saus. or the plain jimmy dean & add the sage in the stuff- it sweats & permeates from inside. that may be a thought- also next cook- smoke some garlic & onion make yer own paste to slather the stuffing- that really rocks.
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btw. the pics look awesome....
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