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All night smoking

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Sup all,

Currently in the middle of an all nighter. Smoking 2 briskets 11 and 9 lb respectively. I put them on about 9pm so they're about 4hrs in.

I wish I had a chance to post pics before I put them on the smoker but since I got started so late, I will post pics of the finished product.

Please Lord hold back the rain for a little while longer.
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Amen on holding that rain cajun I think we have had enough to last quite a while.
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gotta love those all night smoking sessions! Paitence is a virtue!!
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Yes indeed I love doing em. Only thing is that in a couple of hours Ill be seeing

I've been up since yesterday morning 5am.
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burning the midnight wood... i'll post a midnight snack shot 4 ya- what is that pit ya got?
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here's a snackshot (yeah ..i'm evil- my kids say it often)
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Rock on true believer...I work 3rd shift sooo the all night smokes ain't so hard for me. Heck 4am the night's still young. Hope you can hold out for the happy ending! Ha! I kill me.
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well i got a 4 wk old w/ colich & i feel the need for that pic i just sent- plus 32 oz of ice cold milk & a 2 hr nap.... sleep is fer the weak.gotta get breakfast when it happens.see y'all tomorrow w/ part 2 of the enchilada & chix salad recipes.
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Can't wait for the pix Gypsy...that enchilada receipe sounds sick. Going to have to try that soon...can anyone say dinner Thursday!
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here's my food link site & the pics i got so far.
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*yawn* It's quarter to 3 and I am headed to bed. Just got done doing a 14 hour smoke.

Had to put one of our cats down this morning or I would have started it sooner.. We're sad here.. BUT, I have about 15# of pulled pork for tomorrow (today)..

Have fun with your all-nighter.. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Thanks, I pulled the briskets off at about 9:30 this morning and they're resting right now. I threw a fatty on also about 6 and I gotta say I now know what all the hubbub was about. I'm got ribs on the smoker now and I'm using the 3-2-1 method for those.
Anyway I will post pics in a little bit of all the good eats.
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Gypsy. It's just a custom number made by the guys who own the metal shop down the street. She holds heat and temp really well normally. However, under rainy and cold conditions I haven't had to test her yet.
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Hey stillcajun,

Got any pics of your final products?
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