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brisket on sale $.99 a pound

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I dont know if anybody has a Krogers around them, but they have whole briskets on sale for $.99 a pound right now. I just bought 4 of them myself.
Gonna do 1 tomorrow along with some ribs, a fatty, and some bratz.
I always take pics so I will share. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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our krogers are all gone from here. we have H.E.B. here. i am thinking they will put them on sale tomorrow or wed. i saw the ad from jrogers last fri at work (someone had brought a dallas paper). i started to see if wally world would honor theor low price guarantee.
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well done - a few year ago h.e.b. screwed up & overordered, packers were $.15 (yes 15 cents an lb.) we bought 20 around 12-18 lbs.... i didn't eat brisket after those cooks fer 2 years.... took that long to not turn green from the smell..we had brisket ferever.there's another story about a salvage dive off barbados & all the spiny lobster... but thats that story.
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Here Is Some Bad Karma

hey chris......wally won't honor the low price guarantee....here is the response I got:

Thank you for your message. Wal-Mart will match local competitor's ads for exact items (all things identical, description, brand, etc.) Except: Gimmick Ads (Percents off, buy one get one free, you must make additional purchases to receive a discounted price, Loyalty Cards, etc.) Local competition is usually a radius area around a store and is determined by the Store Manager and the Market Manager. If you are having problems with price matching, please contact your local store management. Thank you, Customer Relations

I've tried it and got really mad after it worked forever (cashiers not giving a darn I was told) then getting to the counter and they wouldn't honor the ads.
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screw wally - i miss texas i know the Butt(h.e.b.)family personally.this is THE best family owned chain store in the nation. too bd it's now wider yet.i only say this cause here i'm @ wally's mercy. i went to 15 local stores & 3 butcher's - even kroger's main meat dist. man to get a fajita... bottom line , ain't happening in kentucky- they can't even custom cut a skirt steak.
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HEB had briskets last Sunday for $0.78 a pound ... limit one per customer. Their prices usually run Wed thru Tues.
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My HEB in Kingwood Texas has brisket at 88 cents a pound right now through the fourth. I bought 4 yesterday and got some baby back ribs for $1.25 too!
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Y'all are killing me....Winn Dixie's brisket is $3.49 a lb. this weekend!
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