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were we still on the maple or do i need to school some people- smoke choke cough- are you really serious about not knowing this wood ??? and then we talk about cooking w/ corn cobbs ??? - i'm not saying another word on this post cause i will offend someone & their ignorance. ( oh i hadda say that)
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that was strong & sorry for being rude- but really ... thats a craftsman's wood & not for cooking.
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I wasn't talking about the wood if you were referring to me, I can appreciate crafting wood for crafting wood, I was just asking about the corn cobs. I'm intrigued.

OOOHHH I think i see what you took as ignorance about wood, no I was off the subject of the maple and talking aobut the eucalyptus. I hadn't heard anything about it and wanted to know. So now I know. All they're good for is feeding koalas, smelling like cat pee when the wind is right, and feeding the dirt in that they replenesh the nutrients that the rest of the crops suck up. this is why you see them surrounding all the crops out here. sorry for the misunderstanding.
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no worries bro - i have seen people burn cobbs- burn hot & clean- good fuel source. but i will take that wood any way any cut(i got tools).
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i'll see what i can do 4 you but i'm going 2 smoke it .as it heats 3 homes and go's 2 the dump SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY i will help u out if i can
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did i mention the part about top dollar paid & shipping cost etc. ???
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just so u no sugar maple is the way 2 go i love it .if u can get it its the best smoke u can get . 80% of all wood i smoke with is sugar maple
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Has anyone used the grapevines? I have wild vines slowly choking to death the oak trees next to my house. I have vines as thick as my wrist. If they are good I may go pull some down and get them drying.
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give a week or 2 and i'll have lots $ and u will have non lolPDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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they are to be good go 4 it
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corn cobs were used to mellow out the hickory smoke, my uncle had used it long long time ago but if i ask around i might find some history on it but it doesnt provide any taste that i know of.

smoking canada up: read my last post under this thread "alittle more reading" it has grapevines in it.

gypsyseagod: read Debi's PDF file on woods, ceder is used in smoking plank wood fish, god knows i wouldent use ceder for any smoking but they do.
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grapevines produce a very tart taste so you dont need to use very much and you might only need to use it on certen meats.
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