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I keep hearing about ABT's. Anyone have a recipie?

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there's a lot of variations but the 1 i like is this. split,deseed,&wash the jalapeno, blend cream cheese & a bit of garlic & leftover fatty,stuff, & cover(or wrap)w/ a slice of bacon. smoke until the bacon is done.
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What are ABT's?? icon_redface.gif Thanks !!
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abt stands for atomic buffalo turds. stuffed (sometimes bacon wrapped) jalapenos.
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PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif MMM mouth is watering!!! I cant believe it a post about ABTs and no drool pics...PDT_Armataz_01_09.gifPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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chris has some good ones too. uh hemmm chris.. paging chris harper.. abt request on isle 10.
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lmao...ok i just saw this. i make mine by taking out the seeds and membranes. then i put a slice of pepperoni (or maybe diced ham) in it and then stuff it with medium cheddar cheese*. wrap with bacon, and slide a toothpick thru it. smoke them at 225°for 3 hours.

*sometimes i use pepperjack, colby-jack, sharp cheddar. sometimes i put two kinds in them.
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Must have missed that post. Some fine looking Turds there L&S.
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I made some over the weekend by browning some Bold Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, and cream cheese. I cored the peppers and got all the seeds and membranes out, then stuffed the sausage/cheese mix. A half of piece of slight nuked bacan, poked a hole in the bottom and on the smoker for a couple of hours. The were great!!!!! The recipe came from this site!!! Thanks SMF!!
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Basically anything you can stick inside a jalapeno pepper qualifies.

Next on my list to try is some smoked turkey and muenster cheese.
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AHHH THANKS FOR THE PICS!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Thanks for all the info, guys. If you look at my post in the "Pork" section:

you can see I tried a seafood variation of the ABT's. They were great.

Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by gypsyseagod View Post

abt stands for atomic buffalo turds.


ah. hehe
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I normally stuff with a brick of cream cheese, Jimmy Dean sausage (pre cooked), shreaded cheddar jack cheese, garlic salt.

I leave a few seeds in the jalapenos for heat, stuff, wrap with bacon and smoke for about two hours.  YUM!!


I also recently tried a variation where I used smoked, pulled, brisket mixed with BBQ sauce.  Stuffed and smoked.


Occasionally, when I'm feeling froggy, I will take them off the smoker, coat in egg wash and panko bread crumbs, and deep fry to make a popper.  Also very good, but considerably more unhealthy ;-)

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I do different ones for different occasions and tastes. If I am making for the family or any civilians that don't take heat well I will mix some homemade jam in with the cream cheese. I always slice in half lengthwise these days. Much much faster and easier prep. If I have a plethora of Bacon I wrap them if I am short I just lay a cut piece on top. I use little smokies sometimes, one in each. I have used ham, sausage, pulled pork, pulled beef, oysters, shrimp, smoked trout, salmon, venison, elk, and about a hundred things I can't remember. I usually use Jalapeno's but sometimes other types of peppers like sweet baby bell's. I never had one I didn't like. That said my go to is the old standby, basic cream cheese and bacon, I think fruit wood is the best for the hotter peppers as it adds a little sweet to the heat.*

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The only problem is if I make a dozen of the dang things I will eat a dozin of the dang things. Hahahaha..... I try to limit myself to 8 now days :drool:.

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A friend of mine just posted some pictures of ABTs on Facebook and it reminded me of the ones I smoked last summer.  They were

delicious.  Some stuffed with cream cheese, some with cream cheese and little smokey sausage.












Shrimp Alfredo


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