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English roast?

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What is an english roast? Local market has them on sale for $2.28/lb so thought I would get one for the smoker but not sure what cut of meat it is. I want to do something small before I try doing a whole brisket. Will any small roast work or are there ones I should stay away from?
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Hi twister,
I had never heard of that before either.But it sounded like a pot roast to me.
So,I did a quick search and I was right.
They say it's a cross rib roast.
Here's a pic and a description for you.

cross rib roast = cross rib pot roast = Boston cut = English cut roast = English roast = thick rib roast = bread and butter cut = beef chuck cross rib pot roast Notes: If boneless, this is sometimes called an English roll. This makes a fine pot roast, but it's too tough to roast with dry heat. Substitutes: arm roast OR blade pot roast OR 7-bone roast

Hope this helps.
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OK so may not be good for the smoker. What is a small cut of meat that would be good?
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It may still work.
Maybe if you butterfly it so it's not so thick through.
And do it just like you would a brisket.
Worth a try I think.
I did an round roast without butterflying and it a little to lean but edible.(tasty)
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Hey twister where ya getting them I may have to pick one up for when I get back from vacation
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I've had success with chuck roasts. I like to foil them at around 150 degrees and take it on up to 200 degrees internal for pulling. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i would smoke that thing for about 2 hrs @ 200 then cut it down,add water & slow simmer for about 4-5 hrs. & make carne guisada out of it...mmm mmm good or even steak ranchero.
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There is no such thing as a piece of meat that's not good for the smoker!
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Jim, that would be a great slogan to put on a tee shirt or an apron.
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soooo true. i don't know that cut but i would love to smokea steamship round roast w/ a cranberry/mango chutney glaze.
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