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here's the pastrami i did monday, finally cured & sliced. it tasted good to me but maybe a bit heavy on the pepper so next time i'll go w/ 1/2 black & 1/2 white pepper and see how that was my first 1 and it is good though. here's the pic.
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That pastrami looks great. What mix of black/white pepper did you use. I found that white pepper can have a bit of a bite and sometimes overwhelms peoples palates.
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i just used the black as per debi's recipe. i was thinking white pepper wasn't as stout. maybe i'll reduce the pepper period as i had to adjust for a smaller brisket. it was precorned btw.maybe it's cause i just took an end piece for the first bite.
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It looks fabulous!!!

Definitely give the white pepper a try.

If you want to really experiment, get a sample of the peppercorns that come in different colors and types. Never know.... PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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strange thing pepper. It goes along harmless enough and all of a sudden it takes off and bites.
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Yum Yum eat'm up brutha!!! Looks great.
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That looks deliciousPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That looks soooooo good! You say that was a store bought corned beef though? How long did you soak it in water before you smoked it to get out the heavy salt flavor?
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As always Gypsy, that looks great!
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i never soaked it. it was a corned brisket(2.5lb) from walmart.all i did was use the rub & smoked 'er down low &'s not salty @ all. p.s.i went w/ the recipe(post-corning)from deejay's smokepit here's the link.
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that stuff looked perfect!! Now I got to get mine going!!

Lisa tongue.gif
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had a few slices today on the wife's homemade wheat bread with provalone & pepperjack,mayo & 1905 spicy brown mustard (3 tums for dessert) and thought i'd torture y'all before lunch. thanx debi for opening my eyes.
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My mouth is watering!!
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