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Brisket Again!

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I haven't posted in a while but I haven't smoked anything exciting lately except butts and ribs, etc. I did a brisket last week and it was awesome, so my wife asked me to smoke one tonight. I'm off this week. Ok, we went to Sam's and picked up a brisket and it's now on the smoker with some hickory accompaniment and just some basic Stubb's rub. Smells great! :-) I've attached a pic of the rubbed brisket and of the chicken I smoked last night. I brined it and again it was as moist as I've ever had. Brining chicken is the best thing I've ever done... I love eating, especially if it's been smoked!
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Nice job they both look great
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lookin gooooood
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Lookin real good there. Keep the updates and Q-views coming.
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Very good looking grub!!!!!! The bird looks perfect.
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Makes me want to fire up the smoker now!!!
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Good job! Good eating there
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How about an update Jay??
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Good to hear from you ............. Don't be suprised if I show up in an hour or so! I'll just look for the TBS and let my nose act as the GPS locator.

PS ...... I'm going to visit the BBQ cookoff in Bel Air later this summer, catch you there maybe
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Ok, I pulled it off the smoker at around 10 pm. This will be a reheat tomorrow afternoon. Smells great! I used someone's trick here of using toothpicks to mark the path of the grain to help with slicing. I used a drip pan on the rack below the brisket to catch any juices and poured that in the foil with the brisket to rest. Man, this is going to be good! I'm going fishing in the morning. I'm hoping maybe I'll catch a pesky blue and smoke him up. I've heard they're good when smoked.

For dinner, I heated up some brats on the smoker that I'd smoked the night before with the chicken and had some of the X-13 doritos which are awesome. If you haven't had them, give them a shot, especially when you're grilling something. Good stuff!

I think I'm going to the BBQ cookoff in Stevensville (E. Shore) and I think I'd heard about one down in New Market, maybe near Gilbert's Run? I've thought about the bel air one though and my step-bro and I may go to check out the competition. If I go, I'll let you know.

Update: Ok, no blues today, but did end up with a nice fillet size rock fish. (20"~) I think I'll grill up a fillet tonight to go along with the brisket sammiches. I love using up leave!
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