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Todays Smoke with the big tub of rub - Page 2

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I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the bacon. What was your flavor choice for smoke?

Also want to hear if you are able to slice it without nibbling, I know I can't !!!
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Mossy -

I am using hickory with a bit of apple. I figured it's bacon right? I did resist the temtation to add maple being the first taste and all.

Gotta go deliver ribs to my sisters (maybe her husband will let me work on my smoker?) it's a brib for the hubby who's been holding my 55 gallon barrel smoker hostage for several months. I don't have a garage or welding gear he does ... Ribs anyone?

I'll let you know!
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Hey Debi,I really like your good looking food.Let us know about the pastrami,I love it for my lunch and have been wanting to try to make some.Ive got a smoker full today but Ill post it after its all done.
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The pastrami is always great I love the stuff! I make at least one a month sometimes two. If you like it lean you have to spit the brisket into flats and points and get that middle fat out - or just buy flats I guess. Looking forward to hearing what you think

I updated my pastrami page to add more details for the first time pastrami makers. It's really easy just takes a little time - about 10 days.

Mossy -

I pulled the beef bacon slab. it turns raspberry red! AT least on the outside. I didn't try it - it says wait until overnight. I learned with pastrami it's better to wait - pastrami tastes weird right out of the smoker - next day it's to die for!

Here's the picture of the slab - I'll slice it tomorrow after work and let you know what I think.
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OKay Mossy -

I sliced up the beef bacon and nuked one real quick to try it gotta fry up some yet. Not bad. Looks like sizzlean, kind of tastes somewhere between jerky and fried bolgna or something but it's not bad.

I think it could have used a bit more fat - I'm always trying to cut fat down - use about 90% lean beef maybe a bit higher. Sliced nice though.

Bet if it were cured pork it'd really taste like bacon! I will make another batch with a bit more fat to see how it goes. I like it though. Thanks for the heads up!
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I use lean venison and pork trimmings from I local meat market. With the pork trimmings there is plenty of fat. I think having the fat may be an important part since forst it is heated to 160 degrees and then fried in a pan or cooked on a grill. The fat content helps keep it from being dry like jerky.
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