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arm roast

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anyone else like these? for a cheeper piece of meat they turn out fantastic, and i like a thicker cut of steak, heres the one from last week.

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Looks good Chrish! I never saw an arm cut before (I don't think). I'm always looking for cheaper beef!
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I've probably ate a truck bed full of those. Never smoked one though. When I was 19 or 20 me and buddy of mine rented a little house together and pilfered all the arm roast his Mom and Dad would get plus alot of other steaks. They owned a big cattle farm. We didn't have any money, but we had free meat and a Weber kettle and ate like kings most of the time. We would cook these just like a big steak and have a two plate steak dinner. One for the "steak" and one for baked taters and a vegetable if we got around to it. eek.gif

Excellent meal, brings back memories of steak and beer night which 3 of us were "always" gonna do at least once a week before wives and kids. icon_eek.gif
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I've never tried one. Looks good!
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Looks great Chrish. I have one in the freezer and on the to do list. What temp did you take it to and did you use it to slice or pull?
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icon_lol.gif I ate that sucker like any other steakicon_lol.gif with A-1 sauce

the meat temp was in the 150's and then i chared it on the grill 3-4 min each side. the temp depends on how you like your steak pink is better with a arm roast.

im going to be doing another one in a few min so i could post a few more pics,
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Man that looks good. Have to add it to the list of things to try.
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ok ive started it..... first shots

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i pulled this when the temp got to 145...med rare and this was better then the prime rib i had a few weeks ago.

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