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[quote=Justin Case;56671]Hey, Im a new member writing from Northern Mexico, where we eat a lot of GOAT! I am building a custom smoker and will try this local favorite and let everyone know how it turns out. Typically goat is a very tough meat, as you can imagine, and I believe smoking it is the ideal way to cook it, although it will require lots of mops to keep it from drying out.

Howdy Justin from Texas, I was in Monterrey last year and had the Cabrito Pasteur. Kid goat smoked on a plank. Good stuff there, perhaps you could give us an idea of how that is done. Welcome.
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Welcome aboard! We love recipes here! I can't remember what his name is right now, but we have a Texan that has a goat farm and does a lot of smoking. I don't think I've seen a post by him for a while now though...anyway, look forward to seeing recipes and posts on your smoking!
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Welcome Justin, Haven't ried goat yet, Been overseas before and did't ask what we were served in some countries.
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Welcome JC!

I actually know a few Tampa folks around here that do goat every once in a while - apparently that's big in Cuba too. Next time I talk to them I'll bring it up and see if I can find anything out about how they do it.

Heck, we might end up needing to add another topic category for Goat and get a little "goat rodeo" of our own going on here!
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Welcome! People here are great.
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