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Smoked Beef Ribs and Braunschweiger

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Used hickory chunks and Kingsford briquettes, I was out of lump, and prefer lump charcoal.

Ran 225* for about 6 hours, brought ribs to 195* at center. Was the first time I have done beef ribs, and didn't really know what internal temp to take them to.

I run a Bar B Chef, off set firebox to the left - smoker.

I smoked the Brnswger' for about 2 hours, basically just played it by ear and didn't check any temp on it.

I rolled the Brnswger' in rub and placed it on the smoker and left it, the same as I would have done a fatty Texas style. The Branswgr' is placed in front of the slab of ribs on the left side, in the pic.

The ribs were 10.3 #'s and cost me about $13 bucks plus tax.
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Your ribs look great. I love Braunsweiger but never even considered smoking it. I tip my hat to you for the interesting twist.
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OK heres a couple more.

I have been grilling about 15-16 years.

Smoking and screwing things up about 5 years.

Smoking with partial success for about 2 years.

I look forward to sharing more with you guys in the future.

Like I said in another post this smoking Q and entertaining friends and family is my outlet.

Also it gives me something to do since I can't afford anything else, since I have 2 bambinos in college.

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Thank You DS.
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Have not done the beef ribs yet, those look great!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking "Q" ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice smoke ring! Well done icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice ribs Ridge! IMHO beef ribs are harder to smoke than pork ribs. They seem to dry out faster for some reason. Those had plenty o fat between ti keep them moist. Good job!

try this for temperatures:
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Braunschweiger?????? Who woulda thought? Real interesting.
Guess if you can eat it, you can smoke it.
We were threatening that yappy wiener dog the ol gal put in the pen by Shortone's smoker at The Gathering. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif

Good looking beef ribs, nice smoke ring.
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what is Braunschweiger?
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Close cousin to Liverwurst....... very tasty!!! icon_confused.gif
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Great looking ribs ridgeback! That's an interesting approach to Braunsweiger... let us know how it tastes!
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Every thing looks good, Debi is right about keeping those ribs moist. ............... I have been using that same Taylor oven thermometer for a little while now. I really like it. The old one I used was an upright style that was under glass, and it was unreadable after about 4 months of smoking.
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braunschweiger is a pork liver sauasge originating in Germany or there abouts and is usually smoked when purchased. Have you ever thrown a freshly hard boiled egg into the smoker for a short while just out of the water ??? yum!!
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Nice rigs there!
Excellent smoke ring as well.
Bet they were tasty!
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really? A hard boiled egg? Is there anything that can't be smoked? How long do you keep it on there? And maybe a dumb question but you do take the shell of first right?
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