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Balogna Smoking Tips

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I have a special smoke coming up this Friday and would like to smoke some balogna. I'm going to be buying it from the market and hopefully getting a 100% beef.

What types of balogna have members smoked before...ring....wheel???

What is a do-able size....???

Do you put a rub on it.....mustard and rub....or smoke it au-naturale???

How long on average to smoke and at what temp...???

Anything else I should be aware of.....???

Thanks in advance..... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I've done a few in my lifetime. Get a whole bologna and score it in a criscross pattern (for looks). Rub a little mustard on it, little of your favorite rub (if you want to), and into the smoker for 2 -3 hrs (or until hot). Remember, its already cooked. I like to slice it thick, add bbq sauce, whoola....BBQ'd bologna sammies! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I smoke it. Ask the folks who attended the 1st Annual SMF Gathering, they will tell you about it.

Ring bologna? Why not? Just have not done it yet, but I will.
I smoke 1 lb. chubs of Frick's Bologna - excellent, poultry free - check here:

Have a look at their Store Locator.

I coat it with mustard and a good layer of rub, or smoke it straight out of the wrapper. I am going to try some with a good spicy mustard. I have also coated it with Worcestershire sauce and rub, but the woostershire is too thin & runny, didn't work as well as mustard, good flavor though..
I smoke it 2-3 hours at 225 deg. with hickory, use your favorite wood.
It eats best hot off the smoker, or reheated in the wave. I serve it with smoked cheese & crackers and "something cool to drink". Makes a great sammie.
A while back, in another post, a fellow asked if he should remove the wrapper first. Yeah, do that.
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I like to make mine spicey so I mix up olive oil.paprika,black and red pepper,and lots of garlic powder.Roll the bologna around in the mixture,the olive oil helps the rub stick good.I smoke it with other foods so the temp I dont pay much attention to.Let go as long as you want,usually 4 hours is a plenty.Often during the smoke I drizzle more of the mixture over the bologna to really coat it good.I love it,and when I warm it up at work everyone starts looking to see what that wonderful smell is.
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I made ring bolgna last weekend and it was great smoked!
Didn't do anything to it though it was raw when I started

IMHO all beef is better than mixed beef and pork.
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Debi, family oriented place....wont do anything with this one. icon_redface.gif
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I picked up a couple ring bolognas from Koegels at the local market.

I'm going to treat them like the rest of my meats and will definitely have some pics from the smoke this Friday.

Thanks for the advice!!! icon_lol.gif
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Ya lost me this time Crew!
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Hay Crewdog, where are you stationed? Are you still on the BUFF?
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Carswell, Tx 85-89, K.I. Sawyer, MI 89 -93. Been out since '96.
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Hmmm gonna have to add a ring this weekend just to see ...
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i've got a 3lb chub of balogna in the freezer i'm tired of looking at so i may try a giant fatty out of it this wkend.i'll post pics & the recipe as usual. has anyone done one fattie style ??
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My wife loves Boar's Head pepper coated pepperoni, so I'm going to try that with a baloney. Will report!
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The ring was great last week.....but I'm doing a chub this weekend.

No rub - just smoke and spritz! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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