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Thermometer install

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Over Father's Day weekend, I finally got around to installing the two 3" dial temp guages on my CG. I installed them at either end of the lid, just above the grate surface.

I fired up the smoker and did some beer butt chickens (sorry, no pix). I removed all three of the tuning plates this time, and found the temperatures at both ends to be within 5 degrees. I put the ET-73 probe in the middle of the grates, it read pretty close to what the dials were telling me. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with this mod. Unfortunately, I think the tuning plates for this smoker are not necessary... but the baffle works beautifully.

I'll try to get some pix up later today of the guages install.
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How did you install them? I have been needing to put a couple thermometors on my smoker but wasnt sure how to do it.
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The guages have a 2 1/2" stem, and there's a threaded section with a nut. All you have to do is drill a hole, slide it into the hole and install the nut and tighten.

Unfortunately, with these guages, I needed 13/16" holes and did not have a drill that size. Off to Lowes I went and bought a 7/8" hole saw (the closest size I could find).

BTW, I found these guages on ebay...
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Where do you buy the at?
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Do they have them at stores like lowes or home depot or just on the internet?
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I believe I saw them at Lowes - could have been Home Depot I get confussled with the two.
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i got the smaller one just like that, old smokey brand. i bought mine at my local academy store; they were $9 each, plus tax. i had to drill a 3/8" hole for mine.
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I've looked all over locally and couldn't find them, neither the 2" nor the 3". I found several of both on ebay and decided to go with the bigger ones because they have a calibration feature.

Plus, my eyes ain't what they used to be... PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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I ws just pricing those on Ebay last night - the Old Smoky brand - hoping I can find some at a local big box or hardware store.
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i have seen thermometers at my local super wal-mart. in the section where all the charcoal, bagged wood chunks, lighter fluid, and bbq gadgets are at. they also have high heat black paint for $3 can there too. i am going to be trying it out.
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For some reason they don't stock the same items at our Walmarts as they do in other parts of the country. Certain items have more demand in particular regions compared to others.

Truth is that there are more grillers than smokers around here... icon_rolleyes.gif
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Sorry for the delay...

...here's a pic of the dual guage install as promised... Better late than never!
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That should work out great Hawg! Looks good too!
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Thanks Debi, they actually work very well. I might have to go get another smoker to tinker with... I am running out of things to do to this one! eek.gif
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How do you make sure that there is not any space where you put it in? Did you seal it in any way?
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Hey Hawg-

I'm really interested in doing this mod on my CG. How high up from the lip did you drill into the lid? It's a dumb question, I know - but it'd be my luck I drill too shallow and have probes on the grates. Thanks for the help!
- Anthony
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My grates' cooking surfaces are pretty much level with the front edge of the cooking chamber where the lip of the lid rests when closed. I measured from there up far enough so the nut cleared the lip on the lid when installed. That puts the probe off the cooking surface.

I did not seal it, it is a close enough fit that no heat or smoke escapes.
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No problem! It ended up being 1.5" up from the lower edge of the lid and 3.5" over from each side.
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and where did you say you got them from?
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I got them off ebay...
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