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yeah it's HOT.. and 102 for tomorrow. i'm not fishing this year. i think they're all jumping out of the water to cool off in coolers voluntarily..
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I got it

Ok Jeff, I ponied up the money for your rib rub. I will be cooking 7 slabs of baby backs at the firestation on Saturday. It better be good PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

These boys will kill over food
Pic's and stuff to come!
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I bought it, and have not yet used it. Irrelevant. Consider it a small payment to get the advice and camraderie this site offers :{)
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I love dry rubs on my ribs and chicken. It is tough for me to find one that I like as I do not like "salty" and many rubs seem to be (at least purchased ones). I only use JK's dry rub (from Outerbanks) currently.

I would like to buy and try this infamous rub... my question is -- is it salty when mixed according to directions? If one can adjust level of salt, is it only impacting taste? Anyone else have a salt aversion?


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thadius the rub is not at all salty in my opinion.
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This is a free country. You can mix in pigeon &#& if ya wanna... OR use less salt! It's worth it if you have no idea about the compositon of rubs, or are not satisfied with the ideas you DO have.

I suggest you start making your own, as apparently, you do not care for commercial offerings.

See this thread for one of mine. Not a ton of salt.

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If I were you I would follow the recipe to the T on the first batch, then you can play around with it on your own to suit yor personal taste.
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I'm a newbie and I used them and got rave reviews from everyone. In all honesty....that stuff is just awesome! Maybe it was a fluke first time around that I got the results I did, but without a doubt....my Baby backs never would have been as good wiothout the rib rub and sauce!
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i bought em both...........i have to admit, that just to taste the rub.....bare..........too sweet and too hot.........but wait till you taste it as a bark.........the heat and the sweetness reduce........NOT SALTY AT ALL......if nothing else........use sea salt.......less sodium........i am going to post more on this later in another thread talking bout sodium/pottasium discussion........heheh.....if i can find it again...........


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Thanks for all the input!

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i make it just like the directions say to. i love it the way it is. before i bought the recipes, i would just sprinkle some different spices on the meat, covering the meat with the first- and then covering each spice with another. i never premixed them before application to said meat. i don't know why i never thought to do it.
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i have a batch of the rub mixed up waiting to go on some pig butt and brisket that i will be firing up first thing in the morning .... (gotta feed my smoker and never have managed to stay up all night heh)
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it's good as is but fer my tastes & i'm a modder.... just add the rub to a 1/4 cup of molasses & 1/2 cup of dicedor minced pineapple w/ a decent squirt of bacardi gold or capt. morgans & use as a marinade or baste- just let it fridge fer a couple days first....whoo ahh... good stuff.
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hmm, well i normally have a bottle of Morgan's near me ... but i don't normally use it on the cookin ;) ... might have to try that out.
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Jeff your rub was a hit!!! All of the firemen at my house stated that they were the best ribs they ever had!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I haven't tried the rub yet. The sauce is delicious. I have had many good comments on it. I have not strayed from the original recipe. It is too good to mess with. Can't wait to try the rub.
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Add another person to the sauce fan club! Jeff, I made both the rub and sauce last night. The sauce did not last very long at all! There was only 3 of us but it was gone within minutes. Very good stuff!

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Good stuff Jeff everyone liked it alot. thanks
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I really need to get 'em and give 'em a try. I need a good rub, and would like to have a good homemade sauce. I use Sweet Baby Ray's and love it, but homemade is homemade. wink.gif
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Wow, if you have not tried this rub, you need to. It was all I could do last night not to eat it strait. I kept finding myself back in the kitchen tasting it. over and over and over. Someone mentioned it earlier that you could taste each ingrediant. I am making the sauce tonight. I've been using cattlemans, so we'll see how it stands up. I plan on smoking a rack of spare ribs this sat.
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