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Best piece for pulled pork

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Hi all this is the new guy or should I say one of the new guys, Anyway real happy to be here. Can someone tell me what is the best cut of pork for Pulled Pork? I always use just the loin but since I've been looking on the net all recipes call for the Butt. Is this for best results???
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From my experience the butt does produce the best pulled pork. I'm sure it's a matter of preference and you should try different cuts to see which you like best.
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Surgeboy ,welcome aboard SMF, the best pieces of pork for pulling would be either the shoulderbutt and or the shoulder picnic, for flavor and money value, either one is great , I M H O. icon_mrgreen.gif
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best peice

Barb,at the state finals swim meet 1975....oops!!!! a bone in shoulder cut seems to be the preference here anyways.. got some vac packed in the freezer just waiting for some amorosso rolls
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I have to agree...!

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Butt really...

I use both the shoulder picnic or the Boston butt... I prefer the BB.
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Butt all the way....!!
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Good advice from the folks.
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Hi Surgeboy-

I use either Boston Butt or picnic shoulders. I think the shoulders are more juicey, but also more fatty.

It depends on which is cheaper at the time - lately it's been butts!
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I have only done picnic's but I have a butt (finally found one) waiting to do this weekend. I agree with Debi, there seems to be a lot of fat in the picnic shoulders.
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Yes, there is alot of fat in the picnics... actually, alot of waste - i.e.:skin, fat, large bone - all adds up to more weight at the register! icon_eek.gif
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Hi and welcome to SMF....I am a butt man myself. It seems to be more tender than the picnic............PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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I think the Boston is your best bet!
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Butt for best results!!!
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I agree with all the people voting for the Butt!!
Less waste etc.
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Seem to have trouble finding butts around here, usually end up with a picnic and turns out great. Hope to find a butt soon
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