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So we're starting out with our first 5# flat brisket, and hoping all goes well. She's all rubbed up and waiting in the fridge. Guessing by the 14hrs it took to smoke the butt last night we're gonna have another early am! I am not quite sure how to slive the brisket yet, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Will post pics throughout the day! Wish me luck...
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a 5lb flat shouldn't take long. can't wait to see the results.
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Chris is right. Shouldn't take too long at the right temp. Lookin forward to the pics
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Still having problems uploading my pics...That and I forgot to get any shots of the brisket! We're doing a tenderloin right now, I'll try and get some shots of that.icon_mrgreen.gif Any suggestions on getting the pics up?
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Here's some ribs for ya!
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there's a thread in general i think about posting pics. i use photobucket.com & just send the link for there.
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You go girl! Nice looking ribs!

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