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? where you put your smoking wood

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I'm just curious where you put your smoking wood. I have always put it right on the charcoal after soaking. Still seems to burn up quick. Do you put yours in something on top of the coals?
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depends on the type of smoker can you please remind me what type of smoker you have.
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Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit

Cheech I've got a brinkman smoke-n-pit with the side fire box. Before this it was a standup one with the full length front door.

Assistance is mucho appreciated!
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Well the way I do it would be to place the wood on top. You can place it along side of the coals to help extend it out a bit if you wanted.

When using a gas grill I place the chips inside a pouch I make out of aluminum foil.

Not sure why it burns up so quick. What size chips are you using?
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I have the same smoker. I put my woodchips in a smoke box on top of the grill grate closest to the smoke chamber. Or sometimes I use big chunks, and I just lay them on the grill grate without the smoke box.
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Buying bags of Hickory

I've been buying bags of hickory. Not very big pieces. I did have a nice little supply of cherry wood...but if you caught my first post then you heard about the egg incident and my drunken cousin!! LMAO!!

L&S are you talking about on the grate that's in the fire box or the grate where the food is?
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The grate thats in the firebox. I usually get the good blue smoke that way.
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Hey Thanks!

Thanks there Low&Slow! I'm gonna give that a try this weekend!

It's just driving me nuts being here at work!! I can't believe my daughter talked me into working tonight so I could bring her and her friend up to Toledo for a concert! Now I have to wait until it's over....hummmm think she might have me wrapped around her finger...naw I just love to spoil her!
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Its time to go home and start that 3 day weekend.
I do the same thing with my little girl. Its almost impossible to say no to them.
I already know shes got me wrapped around her little finger. But thats ok.
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Wish I could!

I sure wish I could L&S but the show I dropped her off at isn't going to get over for another 1 1/2 hours!!!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one!! How olds your daughter? Mines 17! She's still my baby girl! Scared the last long hair that was sniffing around her off! Had a little talk with him in my little pit in the basement while working on the 50 Cal. muzzleloader! LMAO!!
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My daughter is 5. Shes my pride and joy. I know I will be the same way with her boyfriends one day. If I ever let her
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Keep an eye out...

You keep an eye out on that sweet little thing...before ya know it they grow up to be beautiful young ladies and you're ready to strangle every young man that looks at her!! We know what's runnin through his mind!! LMAO!!

Well finally it's time for me to see when this concert is going to end! I'll try to get some pictures posted of the cookout this weekend!!

To all of you and your have a Smokin' Holiday!
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i found that the squirt bottle for the cats works well w/ daughters too- just add some cayenne sauce.... icon_razz.gif taking my girls (2-16 yr olds & an 11 yr old to ozzfest this year... i can't bring a rocksalt loaded shotgun why ??????
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run electric here so it goes in the pan on top of the heating element.....however the little lady also decided to "organize" my smoker stuff in a small pvc shed......
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Thanks Everybody!

I ended up using Cheech's idea of a foil pouch right on the coals! They were to small to set on the grate!

gypsyseagod I'm gonna fill me a bottle right now!!!! LOL!!!! I see absolutely nothing wrong with taking the shotgun filled with rocksalt!!! I'm taking my son and daughter (13-17) to the Warped tour!!!

Um you guys did forget to's a charcoal eating machine!!! LOL!! The smoked sirloin tip roast was wonderful and well worth it!!! The wifes ribs were to die for!!!

Thanks to all!!!!
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Maybe if you had the pig holding a serving tray with "smoking meat" on it in the shape of a rib or something like that,

Love the logo and the idea of hats shirts etc
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