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OK friend ... got to understand .... you can't get fresh Jalepenos?
I'm assuming you are on the same planet? ... 'cause I live in Ontario Canada and get them easily! smile.gif
Just where abouts do you live?
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i can believe almost anything (in the black hole of kentucky) dry county to boot... i planted strawberries & jals in the same pot( don't ask) now i got spicy strawberries(no chit).but i can't find a skirt/flank steak(fajita)or a decent tortilla- but go to greyhound or a farm & yell "la migra"(spanish for immigration) & cause a stampede.....they may be in the vegetable isle under"mexican pickles"
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Well I don't have that recipe. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks
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I was just about to ask the same question. If they can't get jalapeno's, surely there is some sort of equivilant. Bell peppers just won't do it in my opinion. Gotta have the fire...
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My recipe:

12 fat jalapeno's w/ top cut off and cored

8oz Cream Cheese (softened)
1 T Lemon or Lime Juice*
1 T Ground Cumin
1/2 ts Salt
1/2 tsp Black pepper
3 Green Onions chopped fine
1/2 ts Garlic Powder

Stuff your peppers. Some cut lengthwise. Wrap in bacon and put in smoker for 3 hours.

* If you use fresh lemons or limes, add 1 T of the zest to the mixture. Citrus tends to open up the taste buds on your tongue and gives the pepper more flavor and heats up a bit more.. :)
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az yer in az- what about poblanos ???
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Haven't tried poblano's in anything except Chili Relleno's. Those would be an awefully big ABT..lol I have yet to try habenero's or those yellow wax type peppers for ABT's either. I use habenero's in my pico de gallo and the hot sauce I make. Yummy stuff.

But, I make my ABT's with jalapeno's..I was commenting to the person who said they couldn't get jalapeno's where they live..
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Making your own tortillas isn't difficult. Corn are just masa harina and water, a little lard and some salt. Flour are just flour, water, salt, shortening or lard (Manteca), and some baking powder.. When I make flour tortillas, they always come out in the shape of the state of Texas or Florida for some reason..

Can't help you on the skirt/flank steak though. And here in AZ, "La Migra" is a familiar term.. :-)
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can do home tortillas( has to be a cast iron skillet over mesquite) and yes lard is an essential ingredient- i was just thinking about poblano or yellow wax pepper stuffed... the thing i said about the porquipines.. then stuff into the peppers w/ 1/8-1/4 cup water in a dutch oven over mesquite or oak- i bet dutch could do this right.. h's really into the dutch oven cook thing. i would really like to see dutch @ the king ranch cowboy cookoff- i bet he'd do damn well.
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i got some japs today, $0.69/lb. they are usually $1.18/lb around here. i bought 14, a block of cheddar, and a pack of bacon, to add to tomorrows smoke.
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Guys and Gals, try making and using your own bacon for your ABT'S , they will be even better !! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Is there a pepper that is a little bit milder that can be substituted for jalapenos? i love em, but no one else could eat the darn things haha. Thanks
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I wonder what some of the flavored cream cheeses would taste like. say maybe the salmon flavored. I guess I will have to find out.
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I believe the longer you cook them, the more of their "heat" they lose.
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I've never heard of these but they sound GREAT! If I wanted to use ground hot sausage should I cook it first or smoke it longer? How long should I smoke them for and at what temp?
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I figured that might be the case.. i didnt get to cook them as long as i would have liked... so i just took the bacon off.. probably the biggest mistake ever. Ill try em again next time
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Oh thanks, you have given me an idea ... I just love herb & garlic flavor cream cheese ... yummmmm!
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i made these also this weekend,,,they were great but they are really to hot for some of my friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they seemed to go down faster after the first case of beer was gone,,,lol
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Try making ABT's by cutting in half length wise. That way you can get all seeds and white "ribs" or membrane out. Really takes the heat out of a jalapeno.
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