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mrs teacups butt

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hey made you look..lol

i finally listened to the missus and went to her butcher... yes she was holding out on me and forgot to tell me she had a good butcher...lol

got a nice 7lb butt, 1.39/lb.......more i buy from this butcher, the cheaper the price..

no pics yet...

gonna slather with worch. sauce, and use Meowey's rub... finish off with jeff's finishing sauce...

pics to follow in the morning
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Sounds like some good grub coming up! I'll check back for the Pics.
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Good missus and a good choice. Keep us posted.
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I can hardly wait to see the food pics!!
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well, where is the porn? hehe
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well life got in the way, and we got a late start smoking this butt

started at 2pm....looks like it could turn into an all nighter..lol

quick pic posting for the porn junkies..lol

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temps holding nicely at 225-250*

couple of hours into it

smoking with apple/hickory wood

spritzing with apple juice/captain morgan spiced rum

going to be a nice bark on this baby

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Looking good Teacup!!
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update again...


this butt is looking and smelling terrific.... i have been trying for a long time to get the bark that this one appears to have

temp still running steady... no wind... internal temp is at its plateau...time for the waiting game

neighbors stopping by to check what i have cooking... not sharing this time, its all mine..lol

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Now's the time to wrap in foil and give 'em a splash of juice if your going to. Looks good, btw!!

Looks like you got plenty of thermometers to help ya keep track of the temps!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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meat is still at plateau. still waiting patiently... am going to foil in a little bit...

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man after looking at those butts i had to go out to the kitchen and get my ribs prepped for tommorrow they look awsome..almost makes me want to defrost some shred i have in the freezer........
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Nice butt Mrs Teacup! icon_smile.gif

Seriously though - looks really good there Teacup. Now all you have to do is check you notes or remember what you did different that made it work for you.
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i already know..lol

i used charcoal, got a good bed going down, started some going in another pot, kepting adding a couple of burned down ones everytime i checked on it, kept a steady temp
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Dude..........i got on a little late here but i am on the way!!! The mrs. butt looks fantasticPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif looking for some finished porn, maybe even a leftover sammiePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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by the time you get here, it might be done..lol

wrapped and ready but its still at the plateau..

so no finished porn yet... time goes on...tick tick tick..lol
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Looks great Teacup, I'm sure it's done by now and your snoozing away, dreaming sweet dreams of pulled pork sammies PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Post some pics please. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice work.

Let's see those finished pictures.
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heres the finished porn

took it off the smoker at 12am

was very juicy,beautiful smoke ring(cant see in pics) and very nice bark

overall the first butt was a success, i used charcoal up until i foiled it then i kicked in the LP

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Looks awesome jeffPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif nice havin that gas option, saves some work!
Shoulda came up last nite, woulda been worth the tripwink.gif
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