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Cleaning your smoker

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Forgive me if this has already been posted, but do any of you offset smokers ever clean the walls inside your smoking chambers? If you do what cleaning agents do you use, how often do you clean it, etc.?
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Just scrape off the loose stuff, them walls are seasoned............don't want to remove that, maybe hit em with a soft wire brush PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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But do it gently ......icon_exclaim.gif
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Thanks Bubba and Sqeezy. I was thinking of using a scotch brite pad softly then possibly reseasoning afterward.
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i usually just scrub the grates especially now the weathers warm and just scoop the goop from the chamber but i had the same problem dutch had with not closing my stack and a dang blackbird started a nest so out came the power washer and figured i'd paint the fire box too.. gonna fire her up this weekend
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I just load my smoker full of wadded up news papers, a bunch and lite if off with vent and stack open, it will cook it out , make sure you remove your thermometers or you will spin them.
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Really best to leave things alone unless it is falling off on to the meat otherwise leave it on to keep flavoring for the meat.

You can brush off the loose stuff if needed but really not neccessary
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I rmeoved the burner from my GOSM once and took it to the local do-it-yourself car wash. Used the pressure washer on it using just water. Came home, an fired it up again to dry it so it would'nt rust. It seemed to do the trick.
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I use a wire brush on the loose stuff. Then fire it up high heat. I've got one of those ECB offsets so its make for grilling also. I guess my priority is keeping the grates clean. The rest is only done in spring and fall.
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I brass brush the sides of the smoker for the loos stuff and when the grates get extra icky I throw them in the oven and turn on the self cleaning oven. Brand new in no time!
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if i want to get serious about cleaner the whole smoker, i take it to car wash, soak it down with simple green and spray the heck out of it... take it home, reseason it with oil, fire up and cure again
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