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Howdy gang,

Has anyone ever smoked mushrooms? I make some stuffed mushrooms with spinach, garlic bacon , and mozz , and was thinking of smoking them.

Here is the recipe if you want to try ......

1 LBS whole mushrooms
1/2 pack of bacon
1 16oz frozen spinach
8oz mozz cheese
4-5 cloves of garlic
1/3 of a cup of heavy whipping cream

Cut bacon in small bite size pieces and brown, while bacon is cooking I pull the stems and cut in to small bits
add garlic and the stem pieces at this point cook for about a minute maybe two, now add the thawed spinach and mix well. Once the spinach is heated up add the mozz, when it begins to melt pour in the cream and let it reduce. Spoon into caps and bake at 350 for half an hour
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I haven't ... but why wouldn't you?

I'm sure it would be great! .... go ahead and try it ... I sayicon_exclaim.gif
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Thanks for the reply, once I try it I'll let you know!
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My quick reply would be that someone posted about that over a year ago. I'm gonna look for it.

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Thanks! I lok forward to your finding!!
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That is the only thread dedicated to smoked mushrooms I can find.

Seems to me that anything you can stuff a jalapeno with will go well in a mushroom. So check out the thread on ABT's. (Atomic Buffalo Turds) It is under the Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables section

Hope this helps!
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Will do thanks a million Monty!!
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Yeppers do them alot! Love stuffed shrooms! Get some of those big portabella ones too and slice them up thick they taste great as a side or tosed in a salad! If you throw them in a pickle solution or even in an almost empty jar of pickles they taste like pickled aritchokes.
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Awesome , I have to try that out. Sounds yummy!!!
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Someone could go far with that one! wink.gif
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They draw hard and won't stay lit!

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