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Maverick ET-7

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This thing works great. I have used it twice on grilling pork and just tonight to smoke a pork tenderloin. When grilling I turned the meat over when it got to the half way point of it's cooked temp. Then I took it off when it reached the ideal temp. I waited 5 minutes to cut into the meat and it was perfect.
I just used it to smoke 2 pork tenderloins and it worked perfectly. 1 was on the grate and 1 was in 1 of the tenderloins. I took it off when it hit 160º and let the tenderloin sit for 10 minutes. This is what the meat turned out to be. mmmmmmm smoke ring.

heres a link for it. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...590162-0250262
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It always helps when you find equipment you like.
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The ET-7 is a friend of mine also.
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Nice smoke ring! Smoking is a lot easier with the right equipment.
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i would recommend this to anyone.

With smoking, i think it has been more helpful when having 1 probe @ grate level.
Mom got this one for Mother's Day. She doesn't smoke, but she has the habit of slicing into the meat (cringe) to see if it is done while grilling. Hopefully this will stop her from spilling the juices.
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I did a couple on Saturday and ate some leftovers today ... and I think it was even better todayicon_exclaim.gif
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You can't argue with results that look that delicious. Way to go.
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