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I caught quite a few bass in a farm pond not too far from my home this weekend. I would normally pan fry them but I was wondering if they would work well in the smoker. Can anyone tell me if this would be good idea?
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i have done them in the smoker but they are generally a really light fleshed fish, so they take on smoke and flavorings very easily... they also tend to be a dryer fish, not alot of fat too them...

i personally would stick with some flour or bread crumbs, fresh lemons and tarter sauce..lol
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Sound like another bacon blanket party,
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that would help the bass..lol

i have smoked alot of freshwater fish, from salmon,trout,bass,pike to yellow perch(made perch jerky) even smoked smelts.(those are good free beer getters in the local bar..lol)

my personal favorites are the rainbow trout(steelhead) and salmon.. they are a more oily fish and are better suited for the smoker...
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Cold smoke it. That's what we do with our white bass.
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