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Can't Find Briskets

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Is there another cut of beef I can try for my first beef smoke. I did some Chix last weekend and I have some chix breast to do tomorrow, but really want to try a hunk of beef the only brisket I found looks nothing like I see on here they were only about 2.5lbs. Where can i find good brisket.
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where ya at Shorty?

Sams, Costco, from what i have read on here...

i am having the same problem around here... all they have at the moment is corned beef brisket again... and when i do find them they are so small; less than 3 pounds
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I had that problem all during March.
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Don't know where you are shorty, but try the closest meat packing plant. You might have to buy it by the case, but that still will only run you $100-120 for about 7-9 briskets depending on the price, and you can always freeze them!
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what other cut of beef besides ribs can I try for a smoke? my Dads buddy owns a meat market here in Johnstown PA. He may be able to get me a brisket but I just bought a side of beef and have all kinds of raost in the freezer just not sure which one to use.
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I was just looking at a sale today on chuck roasts (pot roast) the kind ur mom used to slow cook all day and fall apart, i would imagine one rubbed down and smoked to like 195* and shreaded would be awesome!!
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Funny! ... I was just thinking the same thing ... gotta be good!
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I have done a few chuck roasts and top round and both are good to smoke. I rub them down good, pull them at 160 and wrap them in foil and let them sit for a couple hours in my cooler. I've always sliced mine and they are nice and juicy this way. I'm sure they would be good if you smoked one to a higher temp and shredded it also.
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