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i was making a funny on aa chips & narcotics anonymous keychains .. but smf( smokin' muffas-)keytags would be killer- like a secret society but show yer keychain @ the door to get into the realm of the sick magnificent smokeaholics.... like the masons lol - maybe even get 5% off camp rental @ a future gathering.. we could take over the world.....i see it now- the new $20 bill w/ an ecb or r2dt on the face....
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i am an evil man.. bwaahaaahaaaa
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i also see now not only am i a smokeaholic i tend to be a postaholic.....god i hope ya peoples can fergive me....
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C'mon, all you smokers----you know who you are, step up and admit your addiction so we can help you COPE........eek.gif
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cope? i don't wanna cope, lol. i just want a brisket sammich, some wicked beans, and a few ABT's. or maybe a pulled pork sammich, some beans, and ABT's. both are good in my book- or mouth/stomache.
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I can controll myself. You guys need some help! I only need to smoke something once a day, "drink" something 5 times a day, and be w/the wife twice a year. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif

I don't have a problem.

Go suck an egg TURDS!
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Twice a year al you are a lucky man!!!!!!!! LOL
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I don't have a problem....

At least that is what my doctor says, as long as I take my medicine on a regular basis, either see, smell, eat, or cook some bbq at least 3 times a week.

So, do I have the problem or do you?????

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The voices in my head tell me never to quit!
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If you talk about meat, wood, and rubs, and everyone around you starts to giggle thinking you're speaking metaphorically and you don't understand the joke....

You refuse to shower because you like the way your clothes smell...

If the local Fire Department has come by because they saw smoke coming from your house...

If your Blackberry is filled with rub and sauce recipies... (icon_redface.gif ..Mine is)

If you have your butchers number on speed dial...

If your Tupperware is stained red from the meat, sauces, and rubs you have made in them...

If the fat kid next door suddenly tries to befriend you...

If your dog buries so many bones in your backyard, it might be mistaken for an archeological dig...

If a therapist tells you to spice up your marriage and you break out your finest rub...

If you massage your spouse's shoulders and use it as practice to applying rubs...

If your lips never get chapped...

If you have ever used a magic marker on your spouse pointing out where the shoulder, butt, flank, brisket, chuck, and sirloin all come from...

If the term "Smoking a Fatty" has a whole different meaning to you than it did years ago...
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If your lips never get chapped...

If you have ever used a magic marker on your spouse pointing out where the shoulder, butt, flank, brisket, chuck, and sirloin all come from...

Az Redneck,
I love it! Now that is what I'm talking about! (I like the purple magic marker).
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OK, for all you people who are just now finding this smoking meat forum and have stumbled across THIS post FIRST....

THESE are the men your mama warned you about......

run sisters, run....but not away from THEM, run TOWARDS them:)

they mean no harm and if you can get a back rub (even w/spices)...Hell, it's worth it!!

Lisa tongue.gif
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Hello My name is Frank, and I have a smoking problem, well if you call feeding the whole family on Sunday a problem, I guess it's a problem.

I did not think I had a smoking problem, untill last week when I got hungry for the dreaded TURKEY LEG, I drove 15 miles to buy a few to put on the smoker with my beef ribs and my ABT's, well to say the least and to make a short story long and boring, I ended up bringing home a 30# case of Turkey Legs, the butcher made me buy, I swear, he knows if he can get me hooked, he will see me again, he even lower the price of the case by $5 just for me, kinda nice, if you ask, but I think he had other ideas in mind when he did it. Yes I have his number on speed dial!.

Well enough about me, the timer is telling me my brisket needs to be showered again!
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Thats what I said too!!! Cant eat it until a picture is taken :) LOL icon_lol.gif
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pit... $2500
camera $3500
food $879.95(for today..)
24,967 pics of food on your hard drive.......

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It started cheaply only $8.00

What was I thinking when I saw the Redbrinkman for sale,I thought It's only $8.00 I can afford that. But little did I know One smoke I swear one smoke and I was hooked.Then the cost started to rise First the wood, then the meat the tools you need to get the perfect blue smoke in your lungs just that one more time thats all I need to smell it just one more time,Its even has gotten so bad that we had a stay kitten born under our deck and I had to named it Smokey scouts honor I am telling the truth.It wont be long I will be out in my shed just me and my smoker you know havent showered in weeks living only on the blue smoke and some rib meat.Good luck and Good Smoking
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