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Anyone ever tried to do a Turducken?

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That would be awesome, a home smoked turducken. (chicken wrapped in duck wrapped in turkey, tied up tight, and sliced, exposing all 3 meats).
Here's a hilarious site for turducken....
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Nope bet it looks cool though!

... anybody got a duck they want to send me?

Short of hunting which I don't do anymore where does one acquire a duck anyway?
I've never seen them in a store.
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I've seen Paula Dean do it on food network during the holidays. She cooked her's in the oven.

It's something I would like to try some day.
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They are usually available here frozen around the holidays Debi. I bet if you ask your meat dept man he will either have one stashed in the freezer or can get it for you.

They had Turduckens at the store here this last holiday season. We decided not to go that route though.
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you can get them online, but they're pricey because of all the prep time and ingredients. However, they are delicious......a rainbow of fowl and stuffing!
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Cajun -

I knew I lived in th wrong state!

Do you skin the chicken and duck first?
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Deejay ...I believe the skin is left on ,but I don't think it would matter ( prob better skin off ) since there is layers of sausage between each bird :) PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Cabelas sells them also but very pricey. I had one at a buddys place one time and it was very good.
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Jessie seems to have seen an already made turducken in a store someplace at Chrismas time. I gotta slow down and look at things I'm not planning on buying sometime! I just hate shopping. ergh! PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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We usually end up with one around Thanksgiving and I just throw it in my 17" MACA Dutch oven, stack a few coals around it and let it cook for a while. It sure is pretty tasty and I am not a real fan of tur,duck,or the hen part.
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